Online appointment scheduler demo

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Massage Therapy

This is a demo of a single location massage therapy company offering multiple massage types and several aromatherapy services.

Academic Advising

This is a demo of a University Undergraduate Programs Department scheduling appointments for Customers in its Business Advising Center.

Career Coach

This is a demo of a career coaching company. Schedules for multiple business coaches are maintained on this account.

Tax Advisor

This is a demo of a Certified Financial Planner. Tax preparation and financial planning scheduling is offered with extensive use of custom forms.


This is a demo of a Theatre Arts School performing auditions scheduling across multiple cities, with different types of interviews.

Golf Lessons

This is a demo of a PGA trainer offering practice sessions and individual golf lessons.

Home Service

This is a demo of a carpet cleaning company managing appointment scheduling for multiple service types with service request customization.

Alternative Healthcare

This is a demo of a chiropractic practice managing multiple session types, consultations and orientation class using capacity-type scheduling.

Beauty Salon

This is a demo of a full service spa offering multiple treatments as separate schedules. Some of the schedules intentionally allow overbooking.

Personal Trainer

This is a demo of a scheduling setup for two personal fitness trainers. It includes class scheduling as well as personal training lessons in two locations.

Music Lessons

Account setup for the individual professional, showcasing single type of service, recurring appointments and multiple lessons per day.

Auto Repair

This demo account shows setup in progress, is has not been completed yet. Example of auto service shop offering multiple services using capacity-type scheduling.

Demo version has the following limitations: no changes can be saved, all online billing screens are disabled, and website integration features are hidden. Please note that all businesses in which names demo accounts have been established are fictional. All customer names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses are fictional as well. Any unlikely correlation with real companies and people is unintentional.