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Absolutely Amazing. If you guys ever need an endorsement or anyone wishing to consider the benefits of your service, I'd be very willing to oblige anytime. Quite literally I have been amazed at how my appointments have increased - how my clients love the system and how much time this excellent service has given my practice.
Andrew Stewart, Therapist
Synergy Healthcare — Glasgow, United Kingdom
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As we see now with the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination may be the only way for people to protect themselves from many infectious diseases. Flu vaccination, for instance, reduces the chances of you becoming unwell from the flu or influenza. Vaccination also protects the general public by reducing the spread of infectious disease amongst your colleagues at work, family members and those around you.

We all hope to get a COVID-19 vaccine in the nearest future, and as soon as it is available, immunization clinics can expect a sudden rush for such vaccinations, since most people will run to get some protection against this dangerous virus. This sharply increased demand can easily overwhelm providers and their support staff, resulting in patients' frustration and overworked staff. To be ready for this challenge, vaccination clinics need to have a reliable and powerful appointment booking solution.

Appointment scheduling is one of the key processes for vaccination clinics. A well-designed booking system can improve patients' satisfaction, significantly reduce the cost of your clinic or hospital, and prepare providers for any seasonal or other changes. Enter the Online Appointment Scheduler by AppointmentQuest.

AppointmentQuest's online vaccination scheduling software will improve your clinic's workflow with an easy setup and powerful and versatile features. Setting up a comprehensive online booking system with AppointmentQuest will allow you to properly prepare for any scheduling challenges.

AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler allows your patients to book vaccination and immunization appointments online, and lets you easily make, change, and track your appointment bookings. You can gather additional information from your patients, access your patient database, email or text them with custom reminders, accept an online payment from them at the time of booking, and so much more. AppointmentQuest's Online Appointment Scheduler works for your staff and your customers 24/7, on any device, everywhere.

Our capacity (group) scheduling option is perfect for corporate travel vaccinations, since it allows taking multiple appointments for the same timeslot.

In short, you can focus on building immunity for the community, while AppointmentQuest takes care of appointment scheduling for you.

Some of the features of AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler for Vaccinations include:
  • Capacity (group) type scheduling for travel clinics
  • Secure access to appointment calendars from multiple offices or home
  • Easy navigation between daily, weekly and monthly schedules
  • Patient contact information database
  • Hardcopies and backups of appointments and patient records
  • Cross-scheduling between multiple clinics and providers
  • Allowing patients to self-schedule appointments online from the clinic's web site
  • Allowing patients to pay for services securely online at the time of booking
  • Custom email and SMS appointment reminders to reduce no shows and inform patients about how to prepare for their appointments
  • Custom policies (i.e. cancellation or special instructions) to be included into patient messages
In over two decades since AppointmentQuest online scheduling services have been introduced, the AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler has become the appointment app of choice for many vaccination and immunization clinics in the U.S. and Canada. Its ease of use, versatile functionality, and extreme reliability made it possible to dramatically simplify patients' scheduling, create more appointments, reduce no shows, and ultimately provide a much better immunization service.
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