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  Online Scheduling: How it works

 Powerful technology with easy to use interface 

  Online reception desk    

AppointmentQuest acts as online reception desk for your business. Following the link from your company's web site or using your company's AppointmentQuest quick-access key, customers are routed to your own company page on where they can place an appointment request in less than a couple of minutes. Your customers may also take advantage of exclusive online discount offers you publish online via AppointmentQuest. Afterwards, customers may monitor appointment request status on the same web site as well as request and receive confirmation and reminder e-mails.

At the same time, you and your authorized service personnel have access to your customer's appointment requests on the AppointmentQuest business web site, where all your service schedules, business information and pending appointments are neatly and securely organized within your company's unique account profile. All appointment requests come with customer contact information and specific details you requested on service appointment form.

AppointmentQuest accepts appointment requests strictly following the rules you set for your service schedules. Appointment overbooking for both service and personnel is prohibited, service schedules are optimized to lessen gaps between appointments and your personnel workload is balanced.


  Behind the scenes    

Without a doubt online appointment scheduling systems are the most complex applications found today on the Internet. Taking into account all the specifics of appointment scheduling that vary to the great extent from business to business and from service to service leads to employment of scalable hardware, powerful database engines and advanced computation and user interface software on top of them.

AppointmentQuest scheduling systems have been implemented upon the following requirements:
  • The most extensive functionality set in the industry
  • Ultimate level of feature customization
  • Easy to use, consistent, visually appealing user interface
  • Bullet-proof reliability
  • Unsurpassed performance
With all of those requirements being equally important, ease of use and reliability played the most vital role in system design, affecting everything in between database schema and screen layouts.

As the end result, AppointmentQuest's online systems now sport the following features, to name just a few:
  • Unique screen navigation model
    Screen navigation is not based on the conventional HTML page-to-page model. It rather mirrors a native OS application behavior, with panels and subwindows having several presentation layers switched based on user actions. The latter approach makes the web application interface more compact and easier to navigate.
  • Bunker-strong user input validation
    The system presentation layer employs the user input validation subsystem checking every bit of user input, correcting minor mistakes and rejecting invalid entries. Once input errors are detected the subsystem also takes over screen navigation preventing the user from advancing forward or going back with incorrect data. Among other features, the input validation subsystem also blocks use of adult language.
  • Inline context help
    Inline help links are available on most of the screens. Hidden help link takes the user directly to the help article on a particular item eliminating the need to search through help index.
  • Save-on-demand technology
    Server side user input caching together with multi-screen editor model allow the user to keep editing the data record through multiple page reloads without saving it in between navigation actions. The data record is saved only when the user is done editing and specifically tells the application to save the work. Anyway, whatever it is users like it.

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