Beauty salon appointment scheduling

Online appointment scheduling for beauty salons and spas.

When you run a beauty salon, a spa, a hairdressing studio or a tanning salon, you are no doubt familiar with all the complexities associated with scheduling customers for appointments. Not to mention time spent on the phone, scheduling mistakes, and even lost revenue spent on receptionist's salary. Appointment scheduling can be a real burden, especially for small salons and independent hairdressers.

AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler can help you to simplify your appointment scheduling by moving your appointment books to where they can be accessed by you, your staff and your customers — online. With AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler, your customers can self-schedule themselves for haircuts, manicure, spa treatments, tanning sessions, and all other services you offer — on the Web, from the convenience of their homes or offices, anytime day or night.

AppointmentQuest online scheduling software allows you to manage your schedules with accuracy of the most skilled receptionist, promptly receive notification on all new appointments, minimize no-shows with automatic appointment reminders, and overall increase customer satisfaction by providing convenient and easy to use way to schedule appointments. If some customers still can to make or re-schedule appointments, you can simply type such appointments into Online Appointment Scheduler as well. With online scheduling your appointment calendars are always up to date, and ready for you to use from office or home.

With online appointment scheduling you can:
  • Allow customers to make their appointments online, 24/7
  • View your appointment books from any computer with Internet connection
  • Prevent over-booking and other scheduling mistakes
  • Send automatic appointment reminders to eliminate no-shows
  • Print out daily appointment sheets for easy reference
Studies show that beauty salons and spas which use online scheduling receive anywhere between 30 to 80% of appointment requests through the Web, depending on location and popularity of salon's website. More than a half of beauty salons and hair design studios report growing customer base due to convenience of online appointment scheduling. These factors directly translate into saved time and increased revenues.AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler stores all customer records, past and present, in a secure database. Of course, all appointments are kept private and password protected.

To see why Online Appointment Scheduler is the scheduling tool of choice for beauty salons, spas, and hairdressers, and to find out how online scheduling can help you with your day-to-day scheduling tasks, open your free trial account today.
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