Partner FAQ

You have questions. We have answers.


Q: What can the AppointmentQuest Partner Program do for my business?
A: This partner program can give your company tremendous revenue potential while allowing you to widen the range of services you can provide to your customers.

Q: How do I know which Partner Program level to choose for my business?
A: First determine where you want to resell or recommend AppointmentQuest services to your customers or if you would like to offer private labeled version of Online Appointment Scheduler to your partners or clients. Each Partner Program level has an extensive set of partner benefits and is designed to maximize our partners and their customers' satisfaction. Here is the brief guide to which Partner Program level to choose based on your business approach:
  • Affiliate Partner: You want to refer people to our website. When they sign up for our service, we will pay you every single month they remain a customer. Sign up as an Affiliate Partner and you will start making money immediately. Just fill out our quick form and we will give you the Partner code that will start generating commissions for you.

  • Reseller Partner: Reseller Partner Program is for web developers/designers, ISPs and others who deliver or help to select various online services for their customers. Resellers can establish their own pricing on AppointmentQuest services and need to pay signup fee and monthly service fees based on the quantity of customers they subscribe for Online Appointment Scheduler.

  • Private Label Partner: AppointmentQuest offers privately labeled Online Appointment Scheduler to companies who want to give the power of a complete online appointment scheduling solution to their partners and customers under their brand. This Partner Program requires a signup fee, monthly maintenance fee and monthly service fees calculated with respect to the Partner subscribers' base. This partner program features the most substantial discounts and is suitable for medium and large sized business with big subscription potentials.
Q: Who is eligible for the Program?
A: There are no specific requirements or restrictions to join our Partner Program. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, small business or represent a large enterprise you can choose any of the following Program levels: Affiliate Partners, Resellers and Private Label Partners.

Q: How do I join AppointmentQuest Partner Program?
A: All you need to do is to complete our Partner Enrollment form and after you setup your Online Partner Account with us you are ready to start working with customers.

Q: How long does it take to become an AppointmentQuest Partner?
A: It will probably take you about 5 minutes to complete our Partner Enrollment form. After that our Partner Account Setup Wizard will guide you through the Partner Account Setup. Since we offer our online appointment scheduling services on an ASP basis your customers will be able to benefit from our services immediately - no software to purchase and/or install.

Q: What are the levels of AppointmentQuest Partner Program?
A: Today we offer to our partners the following Program levels: Affiliate Partners, Resellers and Private Label Partners. Each level has different volume discount plan and benefits plan associated with it with the goal to address the needs of all our prospective partners.

Q: Is it possible to be in more than one Partner category in the Program?
A: Yes. Each Partner may have multiple types or relationships with AppointmentQuest (e.g. resell and provide custom branding service integration). You will need to have separate Partner accounts for each Partner Program level.

Q: Can I change my Partner Program level (e.g. upgrade from Affiliate to Reseller)?
A: No. But you can always create another Partner account under the different partner program and benefit from both.

Q: Should I sign any contracts to become AppointmentQuest Partner?
A: AppointmentQuest does not require you to sign any contracts but you must accept the AppointmentQuest Partner Agreement and fully comply with it to build a successfully relationship with our company.

Q: Can I setup my own price for AppointmentQuest services?
A: If you join AppointmentQuest Partner Program as a Power Reseller or a Private Label Partner you can determine your own pricing policy for AppointmentQuest services. Affiliate Partner must accept the AppointmentQuest pricing model.

Q: Where can I access my account?
A: You can access your partner account 24/7 online using AppointmentQuest Partner Account Manager at

Q: How do I get my Partner code and/or Password if I have lost it?
A: You can use the “forgot you password” link on the partner login page or send an email at Your Partner code can be found on your account information page after you login into your Partner account.

Q: Can I use AppointmentQuest logo to use on my company web page?
A: If you are the member of AppointmentQuest Partner Program you can use our company logo in accordance with the terms and conditions of the AppointmentQuest Partner Agreement that you must accept prior to becoming our Partner.

Q: Can we make any changes to your logos?
A: No. You may not change the colors or features of our logo.

Q: Can I cancel my Partner Program at any time?
A: Yes. You will need to contact AppointmentQuest at to arrange termination of your partner account. However according to our Partner Agreement AppointmentQuest has the right to keep your subscribers' base.

Q: What technical support if available for partners?
A: Partners can submit their questions and suggestions by email to We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Q: Who provides technical support for end user that Partner subscribes for the services?
A: In case of Affiliate Partner or Reseller all technical support to end-users these partners subscribed is the responsibility of AppointmentQuest. Private Label Partner provides all technical support to its partners and subscribers at it's own discretion.

Billing and Payments

Q: Who is responsible for billing end users under the Partner Program?
A: For an Affiliate Partner all billing support is the responsibility of AppointmentQuest. Reseller and Private Label partners benefit from the custom billing feature that allows these partners to bill their customers at their own discretion.

Q: What does the custom billing feature mean?
A: If you join AppointmentQuest Partner Program as Reseller or Private Label Partner you will get the custom billing benefit which allows you to create your own pricing model for our services. You bill your customers according to your private pricing policy and by the end of our billing cycle AppointmentQuest invoices you in the amount based on our original prices already reduced by the Partner volume discount plus our monthly maintenance fee when applicable.

Q: What is the commission structure for the Affiliate Partners? When and how do Affiliate Partners get paid?
A: Our Affiliate Partner commission structure can be found at After you successfully enroll into our Partner Program as an Affiliate Partner we start our monthly billing cycle for you on this date. On the same date every month starting for the next one we compile a list of all the active end users you have subscribed for the last billing period, calculate your commission amount based on the Affiliate Partner commission structure and issue a company check on your name. We send the check to the address you have on your Partner account at the time.

Q: How do I keep track of my subscribers and commissions as an Affiliate Partner?
A: You can view all your subscribers along with their Membership plans when you login into your Online Partner Account and go to the Subscribers section. You can view your commission statements under the Statements section of your Online Partner Account. AppointmentQuest does not send any paper statements.

Q: How does AppointmentQuest calculate its service fees for Resellers and Private Label Partners?
A: Reseller and Private Label Partner shall pay to AppointmentQuest monthly service fees as calculated below:
  • Billing cycle starts on the Partner enrollment date when signup fees are due. First service fees are due on the same date next month.

  • Every end user account subscribed by Partner is invoiced once a month in the amount of its monthly membership fee according to AppointmentQuest original pricing model.

  • On the same date each month as described in p. 1.all invoices issued for end user accounts associated with the billable Partner are combined in a single Partner Invoice and the special Partner level discount plus additional monthly fees if applicable are applied to the total amount of this invoice.
Q: How do we get an invoice from AppointmentQuest on Reseller or Private Label Partner programs?
A: You can view your invoices online 24/7 when login at your Partner account and go to the Billing section. AppointmentQuest does not send any paper invoices.