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  Online Appointment Scheduler Pricing

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  Membership Packages    
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AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler is offered for a monthly subscription fee.

Your monthly fee is determined by the membership package you select for your account. Memberships start from affordable basics and go up to a level capable of handling extensive appointment scheduling needs of a very well staffed office.

In addition to offering many membership levels to choose from, AppointmentQuest also makes membership changes easy down the road. Membership upgrades and downgrades can be done online with no need to contact customer service. There is no sign-up fee.

AppointmentQuest memberships come in two distinct flavors, Standard and Professional. Standard packages offer great value and are easy to get started with, while their PRO counterparts allow you to turn AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler into the one and only tool you will ever need to manage all your appointment scheduling tasks.
 Membership Packages
  Express  Classic  Office  Silver PRO  Gold PRO  Platinum PRO 
 Schedules (max) 135102040
 Personnel (max) 12351030
 Service Locations (max) --251020
 Appointments (included) 300/month400/month500/month650/month800/month1,000/month
 Appointments (additional) $0.50 each$0.50 each$0.50 each$0.50 each$0.50 each$0.50 each
 Customers (max) UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
 Advance Scheduling 2 months4 months6 months12 months24 months36 months
 Custom Forms             
 Recurring Appointments             
 Import and Export             
 Credit Card Payments * 
 Monthly Fee (USD) $6.59$14.75$21.95$45.99$99.85$159.99
 ( * )  Additional per-transaction card processing fees may apply

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  Payment Plans    
No desire to make a commitment? No problem. Month-by-month regular payment plan allows you to start using AppointmentQuest scheduling services without risking steep upfront costs or long-term contract obligations.

Looking for exceptional value? Choose a payment plan with extended contractual agreement. Customers making long-term commitments to AppointmentQuest online scheduling services enjoy substantial savings:
 Payment Plan Contract Term Discount Savings
 Regular  1 month  -  - 
 Semiannual  6 months  1 month free  Up to $159.99 
 Annual  12 months  3 months free  Up to $479.97 
Payment plan has to be selected upon sign up and can not be changed once online scheduling account is in active service. Activated free trial accounts are not eligible for long-term savings plans conversions. Payment plan availability depends on a particular membership selection and is subject to change without prior notice. Payment plan discounts do not apply to transaction processing fees.
  Credit Card Processing    
Advanced credit card processing capabilities of AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler allow you to collect service fees (or take security deposits) from your customers when they make appointments, as well as take care of rescheduling and cancellation charges automatically - all through our secure servers.

In its basic form, credit card payment processing allows you to capture and store customer credit cards into your online customer database in AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler, along with transaction records that you can process offline via existing credit card terminal.

To take advantage of the real-time credit verification and automatic transaction processing you will need an account with a payment gateway vendor  -  PayPal/Verisign Payflow PRO or Authorize.Net Payment Services.

AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler features seamless integration with payment processors, allowing for secure online processing of authorizations, captures and credits directly to your merchant account.

Credit card processing is subject to per-transaction fees payable to AppointmentQuest in addition to your monthly membership service fee. There is no setup fee. Transaction fees help support the cost of hosting your secure credit card storefront, and conducting transactions on the AppointmentQuest payment processing infrastructure.

Transaction fees are assessed differently depending on which transaction processing plan you have. Keep your fees low by selecting transaction plan that best matches your business needs:
 Transaction Processing Plans
 Option A
  • Best value for processing transactions that are usually under $100.00
  • Transaction fee: $0.50 + 2% of the transaction amount
 Option B
  • Cost-effective for transaction amounts in between $100.00 and $500.00
  • Transaction fee: $1.50 + 1% of the transaction amount
 Option C
  • Perfect when majority of transactions are over $500.00
  • Transaction fee: $6.50 per transaction, flat rate
AppointmentQuest transaction processing fees do not include transaction fees, discount fees, or any other surcharges that may be required by your financial institution, credit card processing network, or payment gateway vendor.

AppointmentQuest supports payment processing in USD (United States Dollars) and CAD (Canadian Dollars), subject to merchant account restrictions. Only one transaction processing plan option can be active on the account at any given time. Transaction processing fees do not apply to test transactions, credit transactions, or transactions declined by the merchant processor. Credit card verification transactions are subject to flat-rate fee determined by the transaction processing plan for a zero-amount transaction. Credit card processing is not available for Free Trial accounts - account activation is required for credit card processing features to be enabled on the account.

  A-la-Carte Pricing    
AppointmentQuest also offers an option to tailor particular membership package with additional features priced a-la-carte. Select base membership package from the list presented above, customize it with additional features listed below and contact us to establish custom membership package just for you.
 Named Feature Item Additional Fee
 Additional Schedule  $6.95 per month 
 Additional Personnel Record  $7.95 per month 
 Additional Service Location  $4.95 per month 
Schedule is an electronic representation of service with its own appointment calendar. Generally, AppointmentQuest recommends establishing separate schedules for each type of service your company offers to its customers. Schedules can also represent individual appointment calendars, or even calendars.

Personnel Record is a personal file of each service representative in your company who accepts online appointment reservations. Personnel does not accept appointment reservations directly, but through Schedules they are associated with.

Service Location is a physical location where services are offered at. Schedules, Personnel and Direct Offers can be assigned to specific locations allowing you to manage appointment scheduling for multiple offices from just one online scheduling account.

A-la-carte membership upgrades are not available for selection online. A-la-carte features can be added by AppointmentQuest Customer Service to established accounts upon customer request. A-la-carte feature pricing and availability are subject to change without prior notice. For more information on a-la-carte features, custom pricing, educational and volume discounts, please contact AppointmentQuest Customer Service by e-mail at Existing customers are encouraged to use "E-mail Customer Service" form in Online Appointment Scheduler instead of direct e-mail.

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