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$45 - Cleanse and Balance Your Energy! E.A.T Therapy includes the application of specially blended essential oils, hot stones and massage techniques which aid to free energy flow and dissipate energy congestion. (Draping required)
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   HOT STONE MASSAGE - 60 minutes   

$45 - Indulge To The Max! Heated basalt stones are applied to the muscles using kneading, rotational and vibrational techniques. The heated stones stimulate acupoints and meridians in order to restore balance to the body. (Draping required-towel or sheet)
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   MYOFASCIAL RELEASE - 60 Minutes   

$45 - Increase Range of Motion! An effective tool that eliminates myofascial restrictions, increases range of motion and decreases aches and pains. Utilizes techniques like skin rolling, stretching and static pressure. (Draping required-towel or sheet)
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   PHYSICAL AROMATIC TOUCH - 60 minutes   

$45 - P.A.T Therapy is a technique that assesses responses in seven targeted areas- structural alignment, bone, muscles, circulation, nerves, tendons, cartilage and emotions, through the use of essential oils and massage. (Draping required)
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   RAIN DROP THERAPY - 60 minutes   

$45 - Immune System Super Charge! A powerful, non-invasive treatment for chronic back pain, boosting the immune system, and enhancing good health and vitality. Includes the application of heated towels, essential oils and massage. (Draping required)
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   SWEDISH MASSAGE - 60 minutes   

$35 - Relax And Rejuvenate! Designed to stimulate circulation, relieve muscle tension and soreness and promote relaxation. It combines gentle stroking movements with kneading, pressing and rubbing with hands and forearms. (Draping required-towel or sheet)
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   SWEDISH MASSAGE - 90 minutes   

$55 - When An Hour Just Isn't Enough! This is a LONGER version of the 60 minute Swedish Massage. Can be modified to include Rain Drop Therapy, P.A.T. or E.A.T. Therapy for an additional $10. (Draping required-towel or sheet)
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