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Start scheduling appointments online in less then an hour.


During the enrollment process you are first asked to provide the following information to AppointmentQuest:
  • Business name, address and contact phone numbers
  • Valid credit card (not required for FREE TRIAL accounts)
  • Account administrator name, contact information and desired username
AppointmentQuest membership, discount plan and business category also need to be chosen as a part of enrollment process. Once you complete filling out enrollment forms, review and confirm the information you entered you are given a confirmation of your AppointmentQuest account creation along with assigned account number and account quick-access key. You may sign in to your account immediately.
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In order to start accepting appointments online your business account needs to be properly configured. When you login to your account for the first time AppointmentQuest prompts you to set up:
  • Business hours and holidays
  • Service schedules
  • Personnel records
  • Authorized business users
  • Direct Offers
The goal of the account setup is to create an accurate electronic representation of your business appointment scheduling practices. To ensure accuracy of account setup it's a good idea to test drive your service schedules by playing a virtual customer before making your account available for accepting real appointments.
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Operating your account involves monitoring incoming appointment requests, electronically confirming accepted appointments and rejecting suspicious reservations. AppointmentQuest goes above and beyond conventional appointment planner by offering you extensive set of tools to navigate, search, inspect and edit appointment requests:
  • Monthly appointment calendar, 7-day planner and time-line interactive views
  • Appointment summaries and reports
  • Appointment and customer information inspectors
  • Appointment request confirmation and rejection controls
  • Appointment search
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Business practices are not engraved in stone forever. AppointmentQuest recognizes that. New-hires come, old-timers quit, someone takes an unexpected time-off, new services are being offered, company appointment acceptance policy changes. At any time you may update your account settings online, in real time, without affecting existing appointments. In addition to configuration settings outlined in account setup overview you may also change:
  • Account membership (both to upgrade and downgrade)
  • Account billing information
  • Account administrator
  • Business users access permissions
  • Business and service online scheduling availability
  • Direct Offers availability
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