Online appointment scheduling at its best.

Online Appointment Scheduler

  • General Features
    24/7 online appointment scheduling
    North America or International
    Online enrollment with FREE 30-day trial
    Printable account setup guide
    Comprehensive online help
    Multiple time zone support
    Online support center
    Instant membership upgrades
  • Service Setup and Maintenance
    New account setup wizard
    Personnel and capacity type schedules
    Multiple service location support
    Schedule-to-location assignments
    Schedule business hours setup
    Appointment reservation deadlines
    Appointment rescheduling deadlines
    Appointment cancellation deadlines
    Variable appointment interval
    Variable service duration
    Personnel assignments
    Custom appointment forms
    Custom e-mail templates
    Personnel scheduling
    Resource scheduling
    Classes and workshops
    Event scheduling
    Recurring appointments
    Group scheduling
    Shared availability
  • Account Setup and Maintenance
    User permissions and access management
    Business hours and holidays setup
    Restricted availability setup
    Appointment cancellation and no-show policies
    Web mini profile, custom graphics, logo
    Multi-user environment
    Electronic billing
  • Personnel Management
    Personnel work hours setup
    Personnel vacation time setup
    Personnel-to-location assignments
    Personnel availability configuration
    Personnel appointment notifications
  • Direct Offers
    Custom promotions and discounts
    Limited time offers
  • Appointment Management
    Calendar, 7-day planner, Timeline views
    Custom appointment summaries and reports
    Appointment rescheduling
    Appointment confirmations
    Automatic appointment confirmation option
    Automatic appointment cancellation option
    Appointment search, calendaring
    New appointment e-mail notifications
    Re-scheduled appointment e-mail notifications
    Cancelled appointment e-mail notifications
    E-mail template customization
    In-house appointment scheduling
    12 months appointment history
    Custom appointment reports in PDF format
    Client-side data backup in CSV format
  • Credit Card Payments
    American Express®, Diner's Club®
    Discover®, JCB®
    MasterCard®, VISA®
    Payment gateway integration
    Secure transaction processing
    Online transaction terminal
    Credit card verifications
    Authorization, capture, credit transactions
    Online and off-line transaction settlement
    Automatic appointment fee processing
    Rescheduling and cancellation fee processing
    Reference transactions
    Transaction history
  • Customer Management
    Online customer database
    Customer index, search functions
    User-defined customer profile fields, notes
    Customer ratings
    Appointment history
  • Synchronization and Data Export
    Appointment synchronization with Outlook
    Contacts synchronization with Outlook
    Appointment data export to spreadsheets
    Customer data export to CRM
    Appointment summaries in CSV
    Appointment summaries in PDF
    Appointment books in PDF
    vCalendar standard support
    vCard standard support

Customer Portal

  • General Features
    24/7 online appointment scheduling
    Easy online sign up
    No-sign up option
    Multiple customer profiles
    Automatic confirmation e-mails
    Neutral brand look and feel
    Special offers and discounts
    Optional registration option
    Required registration option
    Custom business policies
  • Appointment Navigation
    Appointment calendar
    Appointment lists and history
    Appointment summaries and reports
  • Business Connection
    Private feedback forms
    Custom registration options
    Managed access restrictions
    Secure scheduler available
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
    Easy appointment date and time selection
    Available date and time navigation
    Service location selection
    Service personnel selection
    Online appointment cancellation
    Recurring appointments
    Group scheduling
    Appointment rescheduling
    Automatic email and SMS reminders
    Automatic availability check
  • Credit Card Payments
    American Express®, Diner's Club®
    Discover®, JCB®
    MasterCard®, VISA®
    Automatic online payments
    Secure credit card storefront
    Customer card verification and authorization
    Immediate processing or delayed capture options
    Cancellation and rescheduling fee processing
    Transaction receipts