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Active Network
New York Institute of Technology
7 Eleven
Boston University
Ohio University
US Airways
University of Houston
California State University
US Davis
Budget Blinds
Citi Financial
Dakota State University
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Your service is excellent. I have used it at both the Wharton School of Business and now at Temple University, The Fox School of Business and found it to be a great service to the students, an excellent way to manage the office appointments and a great way to measure flow of appointments, concerns, and student information.
Valerie Sutton, Director, Graduate Career Management
The Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University
Philadelphia, PA

I tell my patients to set up an appointment with my virtual secretary which they access from my website. They find it convenient and I have more time to do the professional work I am trained to do.
Steven C. Kassel, MFT, BCIA-c, BCIA-EEG, AAPM
Biofeedback and Family Therapy Center
Newhall, CA

I just wanted to let you know how much I like this appointment software. I have been looking for something like this for my tax business for years. I needed something that was affordable and easy to use. This integrates very smoothly with my website. All my customers have expressed their pleasure with this addition to my business.
Scott Walls, Owner
Centreville Tax Service
Centreville, VA

As a productivity specialist, it's important to model solutions for my clients. Trading repeated emails to find a mutually agreeable time to get together wasted valuable time for both of us, especially when we were in different time zones. Now, at any time that is convenient for them, clients can rapidly and easily schedule time for us to get together.
Pete Farmer, M.D.
Performance Dynamics Center
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I would like to express my appreciation to AppointmentQuest. I came to this job mid year so all the set up and account information was already done. So, when I needed to set up the new year with new information... I needed help. All I had to do was email my questions and within an hour I had my step by step directions on what I needed to do. It made it so easy. The other thing I would like to thank AppointmentQuest for is the fact that the site rarely goes down. When the site needs to be worked on, they do it at a time that does not interfere with my hours of usage. Thank you for your very reliable services. I appreciate knowing you are there when I need you.
Linda, Office staff for Dr. Dean Howell, ND
NeuroCranial Restructuring, NCR-01
Tonasket, WA

In my e-commerce business, my clients were constantly calling or emailing me wanting appointments not only on the same day but at the same time! As my business continued to grow, it became impossible to iron out the conflicts. I decided to explore the internet to see if there was an automated online appointment system that might be high speed enough to handle my volume as well as present a professional image. Well, after checking out many online systems, AppointmentQuest stood head and shoulders above the rest. My clients find it extremely simple and easy to use. All I do is log on and go to work, AppointmentQuest does the rest. What a relief!
Barry Harris, Senior Manager
Unicity / Rexall
Forest, MS

I used to make all my chair massage appointments by email and telephone. It really took hours! AppointmentQuest has made it very easy for my clients to schedule their own appointments and saved me time and aggravation. Thank you!!!
Faith Tirshfield, LMT
Massage by Faith
San Diego, CA

As a start-up company it is essential to keep my expenses low without sacrificing value to my customers. AppointmentQuest helps me meet these goals. To create a virtual front office I needed an appointment service that could be accessed from my office, from my website and by my answering service; plus the service has to be 100% reliable at an affordable price. AppointmentQuest fits the bill. As an added benefit I received a lot of positive feed back on my "high tech" method of accepting appointments over my website.
Kathleen Hentges, PFP
Applied Advisor Network, LLC
San Francisco, CA

Rarely have I been so impressed with software! Your service does everything it promises, and it's so easy to set up! Thank you!
Hilve Firek, Assistant Professor
Roosevelt University
Schaumburg, IL

Absolutely Amazing. If you guys ever need an endorsement or anyone wishing to consider the benefits of your service, I'd be very willing to oblige anytime. Quite literally I have been amazed at how my appointments have increased - how my clients love the system and how much time this excellent service has given my practice.
Andrew Stewart, Therapist
Synergy Healthcare
Glasgow, United Kingdom

I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the product and service that you offer! I have been using it now for 2 months and I have seen an increase of traffic to my online calendar bookings and it has really saved me a lot of time and money when it comes to scheduling and re-scheduling clients. You have a fantastic service and I love how you constantly improve it!
Mary Beth Wrenn, Psychic Medium
Higher Self, LLC
Charlotte, NC

Customer Reviews

This is the customer feedback we strive for.

I think you've done a great job on the functional design.
Tom, Office Manager
Montgomery Village, MD

Wanted to say thank you for creating such an easy to use web scheduling tool. I have been looking for one like this for a while. I'll be recommending you to all of my clients!
John, Flight Instructor
Greenville, NC

You people rock! I set up the variable-time scheduling without any problems. It works! [...] I am extremely impressed!!! You are, by far, the most capable customer service group I have ever dealt with.
Christian, Wood Shop Owner
Orem, UT

Thank you so much. You have been VERY helpful. I truly appreciate your responsiveness. I understand that it can be hard being "yelled at" on the screen and I just want you to know that I appreciate your patience with my silly questions! Have a great weekend. I love the software. It's already making my life easier! [...] Your customer service response is awesome!
George, Massage Therapist
Delmar, NY

You guys are the only system that offers everything I need for my business - and you're affordable. I am so glad that you're out there!
Aura, Wholistic Counselor
Venice, CA

I think that your appointment-scheduling website, and your customer service, are fabulous! I can attest to the fact that AppointmentQuest worked without a hitch, added value to the service I provide my clients, and saved me money by freeing up several hours a week that I otherwise would have spent on scheduling.
Bob, Health Coach
Petaluma, CA

You have a great software and your Tech Support is excellent.
Russell, Spa Manager
Mesa, AZ

Wow-now that's customer service!
Donna, Fitness Instructor
Salinas, CA

Thank you thank you! I knew it was something I'd missed - this program is just so well built I can't get over it! Thanks again.
Beau, Office Manager
Seattle, WA

We were happy with the way our online conferences sign-ups went. Everything turned out great.
Tom and Lisa, Principals
Littleton, CO

Your service is spectacular!! Thank you.
Thomas, Massage Therapist
Alexandria, VA

Great, my staff, myself and my patients really like your service.
John, Doctor of Optometry
Racine, WI

This is a great tool and provides much needed functionality vacant in many CRM programs.
Steve, Software Training Instructor
Roswell, GA

This is a fantastic program! I'm referring you to another company and will check out the affiliate info.
Peter, Manager
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

First let me tell you that this system is awesome!!! You've done an excellent job! After using your software for a couple of months I have found it to be most useful...
Tori, Personal Fitness Instructor
Ithaca, NY

I've just signed up for the trial of your basic package and I've found that the scheduling function is EXACTLY what I'm looking for.
Ralph, Photographer
Phoenix, AZ

Really like your product!
Mike, Direct Marketing Consultant
Washington, DC

Thanks so much, we love the system for what is does to make our life more organized!!!
Gregg, Personal Trainer
Northampton, MA

I have been using AppointmentQuest for a little over a year. I love your system, it's easy to use and has worked wonderfully for me.
Lenise, Massage Therapist
Crystal, MN

I have looked at or tried about 15 different online appointment scheduling software packages and this one is awesome.
Leesa, RMT
Austin, TX

Your service is excellent! My clients have been raving about how easy it is to use your site. Your site is a Great investment. Thank you!
Faith, Massage Therapist
San Diego, CA

We have been very happy with your service and just want to thank you for servicing and maintaining a great product.
Robert, Associate Coordinator
Toronto, Canada
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