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Take control of your appointments and schedules, manage calendars, create custom forms, accept payments online with easy to use cloud-based appointment scheduler from AppointmentQuest!

Delight your customers with fast and secure online appointment scheduling powered by AppointmentQuest. Since 2001, AppointmentQuest makes it easy to manage your appointment scheduling online. Start using the ultimate scheduling software today.

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AppointmentQuest is your ultimate online appointment booking service, designed to deliver the most delightful appointment scheduling experience. Of course, we do more than just make it simpler to turn missed calls into customers (patients, students, clients). We’ve developed a robust suite of appointment scheduling tools to help you provide the best customer service experience when it comes to appointments.

Go beyond simply making appointments online — with AppointmentQuest, you can note and reserve your customers’ preferred appointment times, recurring appointments, manage customer relationships, schedule workshops and tutorials, schedule classes, and even automate event scheduling with just a couple of clicks.

AppointmentQuest was designed from the ground up to make appointment management simpler and easier, while delivering seamless scheduling experience to your customers. After all, no business can thrive without happy customers who come back time and again. Whether you run your University's admissions office, or you’re managing a tax and accounting firm, we go the distance to ensure that you’re able to provide the utmost in appointment scheduling each and every time.

Fortune 500 companies, teachers, schools, colleges, medical offices, hospitals, dentists, embassies, airlines, pharmaceutical companies, churches, chain stores, coaches, chiropractors, personal trainers, attorneys, home inspectors, appliance repairmen, and may others have experienced the difference AppointmentQuest scheduling software makes in their day-to-day operations.

Test drive AppointmentQuest online scheduling software without paying a dime or even making a phone call. Right here, right now. Experience firsthand how our ultimate online scheduling platform can simplify your appointment management, automate your calendar, and delight your customers with exceptional online scheduling experience!

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Why choose AppointmentQuest vs other online booking systems?

AppointmentQuest has your appointment scheduling needs covered for any budget. Our online scheduling software platform comes at affordable price, packed with versatile functionality, intuitive user interface, and extensive array of configuration options to fulfill your most discriminating appointment scheduling requirements.

Key features to know

At AppointmentQuest, we’ve been at the forefront of the appointment scheduling industry for over two decades. That in-depth experience has given us the insight necessary to really understand the pain points and challenges our customers struggle to overcome. We built our online appointment scheduling software as a solution to those challenges and imbed it with features designed to help you achieve your goals. Some of the key features* you’ll find within our robust online registration software include the following:

  • Customizable service locations
  • Time zone support
  • Automated reminders
  • Up to 40 schedules
  • Up to 36 months advance scheduling
  • Unlimited customer database
  • Custom forms
  • Recurring appointment scheduling
  • Rescheduling and cancellations
  • Import/export capabilities
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Brand customization

* Note that feature availability varies by pricing tier. To learn more about the features available with each option, check our pricing page. Some features are also available a-la-carte, as well.

Who we are

We’re veterans of the online appointment scheduling industry with over 20 years of experience. We know everything there is to know about online appointments, calendar management, and scheduling tools. We took that knowledge and experience and baked it into our online scheduling software. The result? One of the most feature-rich solutions to appointment setting, customer management, payment processing, and business growth on the planet.

Our goal is simple — to help you do more with less stress. From the level of customization to the ease of use and the in-depth integration with apps and tools you already know and love, AppointmentQuest brings it all together in a single, cohesive package that ensures you’re able to do more with less wasted time.

Still on the fence? We’re so confident that you’ll love our appointment scheduling software that we offer an unrestricted 30-day free trial. That’s right — no strings attached. Give us a try. You’ll be glad you did!

Our commitment to privacy and security

We live in the digital age and data is more valuable than currency. We’ve watched along with the rest of the world as global organizations, government agencies, and others have fallen victim to data breaches and hacking attempts. We also understand that we’re not immune to those dangers and that it is our responsibility to live up to the expectations of safety our customers place in our appointment software.

At AppointmentQuest, we’re obsessed with security. That means we offer an unparalleled level of data protection to our customers. We strictly control all the aspects of data processing, starting with servers and network equipment which we fully own (your data is never stored on AWS or any other cloud service), and all the way through the application software layer, complete with the latest SSL/TLS encryption protocols. Our servers are graded "A+" by leading security compliance certification providers, such as Qualys. With AppointmentQuest, you are guaranteed your data is safe.

Ultimately, we deliver the ability to automate and streamline while also ensuring you have the peace of mind that you deserve. Never worry that your data or your customers’ information is not fully protected. We stand behind our commitment to security and safety and regularly test, vet, and upgrade to ensure complete end-to-end protection.

Customer-focused scheduling solutions

Customers are the number one priority here at AppointmentQuest. We offer the best email-based customer support in the industry, and we’re always happy to help with any scheduling challenge or need. Whether you’ve got questions about features and functionality or you’re interested in customizing our online booking platform to your needs, we’re here when you need us.

We believe in complete transparency and direct communication, and we go the distance to make ourselves available when you need us. Our customers have access to everyone in the company including developers and executive management. Not only will you be saving time while you schedule appointments, but you will also be saving time dealing with our fast, efficient customer service.

AppointmentQuest provides the leading online scheduling technology, and offers some of the best value in the industry. Check out our reviews to read real customer stories about how our software allows businesses and organizations of all types to tame seriously complicated scheduling scenarios.

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Strapped for cash (aren't we all)? AppointmentQuest has your appointment scheduling needs covered for any budget. Our online scheduling software platform is available at an affordable price, packed with versatile functionality, an intuitive user interface, and an extensive array of configuration options to fulfill your most discriminating appointment scheduling requirements. Plus, we offer multiple pricing tiers so that you get exactly the level of functionality you need. When your needs change, just scale up or down! You’re never locked into a contract with our online scheduling software — it's completely scalable to ensure that your organization always has exactly the tools and capabilities needed for growth and success.

Rarely have I been so impressed with software! Your service does everything it promises, and it's so easy to set up! Thank you!
Hilve Firek, Assistant Professor
Roosevelt University — Schaumburg, IL
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AppointmentQuest makes it easy to integrate online appointment scheduling capabilities into your website. The AppointmentQuest online appointment scheduler is hosted in our secure Colorado datacenter, providing you and your customers with fast, secure access to online appointment scheduling from anywhere, at any time. AppointmentQuest online appointment scheduling web apps are delightfully easy to use, simple to customize, and ensure that you’re able to deliver the best possible customer experience. Make your business or organization stand out for all the right reasons!

We believe that seeing is believing and that there’s nothing quite like being able to take something for a test drive before making a purchase. That’s the only way to ensure you’re making an informed decision. We put out money where our mouth is and offer every new customer a free trial of our groundbreaking scheduling software. Enjoy a free 30-day trial with no strings attached. No commitment, no credit card. Just simple, effective online booking capabilities to build a thriving business. What could be easier?

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What is online scheduling software?

Fast, intuitive, and capable — online scheduling software simplifies your business by automating mundane but time-consuming tasks. Do what you do best.

Online scheduling software is a hosted service that allows your clients, customers, students, or patients to make, reschedule, and cancel appointments through a web interface. When your clients want to make an appointment with you, they go to your website, choose an available date and time, type in their contact info, and book the slot.

Why does that matter? It’s simple, actually. With access to your online scheduler, your customers don’t need to worry about calling or coming by in person. Your staff members don’t need to worry about missed calls or misplaced appointment cards. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Of course, online scheduling software also helps to streamline operations within your business.

Additional benefits of appointment booking software

On the back end, you set up your scheduling configuration to define the exact appointment availability, based on your business hours, as well as the times and dates when your personnel and service locations are available for appointments. This ensures the utmost customization and ease of scheduling, while also ensuring that you’re able to staff your location(s) appropriately to handle the number of customer appointments and potential walk-ins.

You can start by simply entering your office hours into the scheduling configurator and letting it automatically do the rest. On the other hand, you can also dive into the myriad of available settings to manually configure appointment intervals, custom forms, lead-ins, appointment overlap, slot capacities, reservation deadlines, flexible service durations, shared availability, etc. to make sure that your online appointment scheduler fits your unique scheduling practices like the proverbial glove. Our scheduling software gives business owners the ability to quickly and easily see employee availability, address scheduling conflicts, ensure the location is staffed correctly every day of the week, and handle customized booking options to organize meetings.

Who is online scheduling software for?

Customizable and scalable, online scheduling software delivers mission-critical benefits for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes.

If your business is selling time, online scheduling software is for you. If the word "appointment" has ever bounced off the walls of your office, online booking software is for you. If you have ever told your customers, "Let me schedule you for next Tuesday", appointment management software is for you. If your receptionist has a calendar on her desk, automated scheduling software is for you. Well, you get the picture — if you are reading this, our software is for you.

What does online booking software do?

From solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations, schools, hospitals, universities and colleges, organizations of all sizes and types use online appointment scheduling apps to focus on their core functions rather than calendars. It’s about automating the mundane tasks so that you and your team can focus on what you do best. AppointmentQuest is a software solution designed to improve your current scheduling processes and make client management, shift schedules, staff scheduling, and business management an easier part of your day to day.

How much does appointment scheduling software cost?

Think real-time capabilities and best-of-breed functionality needs to cost an arm and a leg? Think again.

AppointmentQuest offers scheduling solutions for every budget. Not only do we make it possible to purchase the right tier for your current needs, but we never lock you into a subscription contract. Scale your service up or down as your needs change and evolve. We grow with you to ensure that you’ve always got the perfect solution to appointment-setting and staff scheduling needs.

We strive to make online scheduling software cost effective and affordable. AppointmentQuest editions start at just $5 per month, with the $25/month option being our most popular, and $45 per month providing the most value.

Not sure which package is right for your needs? Don’t worry! We’re happy to work with you to find the most cost-effective pricing package based on your specific scheduling requirements and can even offer you a custom membership level if necessary. DIscount plans are available.

Interested in how our appointment schedule can fit your needs, but not ready to make a purchase yet? Here is an unconditional 30-day free trial. Put our online scheduling software through its paces risk and cost free.

What is the best software for scheduling appointments online?

Feature-rich, capable, scalable — the best software for scheduling online offers the ability to address core needs within your organization and exceed customer expectations to create the ideal experience every time.

The best online scheduling software delivers powerful automation capabilities by freeing the precious time you otherwise have to spend on the mundane (and error-prone) tasks of calendaring and scheduling. Industrial magic of this sort, of course, is not simple. It requires the right features and capabilities, combined with usability factors like an easy-to-use interface. Robust data security is also a vital consideration.

Bringing it all together

First and foremost, the best online scheduling software starts with the right features relevant to the user experience. That doesn’t mean delivering the longest list of features, as most marketing professionals might tell you. Instead, it hinges on delivering features essential for saving time in the actual task of scheduling. Other bells and whistles might be nice to have, but if they don’t deliver immediate usability and value, then they represent little more than unnecessary features that you’re paying for but may never use.

All online scheduling software apps support the basic calendaring feature set. It’s the actual implementation of those capabilities that will make a difference in your everyday user experience. For instance, when considering an online appointment scheduler, answer the following questions:

  • How easily can you reschedule appointments?
  • How many schedules are you able to set and does that match your needs?
  • How fast can you locate existing customer records?
  • How far in advance can you schedule appointments?
  • Can you import and export information from/to third party software easily?
  • Does the appointment software support reminders and custom forms?
  • How quickly and accurately can you make changes to your appointment availability?

The best online scheduling software makes all of this quick, easy, and seamless. Most companies need a scheduling solution designed to allow users to spend more time doing their job and less time worrying about scheduling and communication within their existing calendars. Our online employee scheduling software provides everyone from project managers to life coaches a scheduling tool that makes it faster and easier to keep track of upcoming appointments.

Then, the best online scheduling software needs to comply with what is really important today. Specifically, the best online scheduling app needs to be secure, fast, and provide an outstanding user experience on mobile platforms. That gives you, your staff, and your customers the ability to schedule not only from desktop computer screens, but from iPads, iPhones, and Android devices as well. It’s all about creating a seamless, expedient experience at every touchpoint, no matter what device is being used to access your online scheduling app.

The limitations of free appointment scheduling services

Limited features, lacking functionality, the need to jump through hoop after hoop — these are just a few of the drawbacks with free appointment scheduling services.

Free subscriptions to online appointment management software services always come with serious strings attached. Usually, you can only book a very limited number of appointments with a free scheduling platform. Typically, there is only one scheduling calendar and only one user. Most trials don’t give you access to all the features and capabilities, either — they’re mere teases that don’t really deliver on their implied promise. Reminders, payments, third-party integrations, data entry and export, unlimited customer database, and other advanced scheduling features are usually reserved for paid service subscriptions.

There’s also the fact that most free services are not only inherently nonsecure, but the company may intentionally compromise the privacy of your data and your customers’ information. Realistically, if you are not paying anything for the service, you should expect your data to be sold to third parties for marketing purposes, and you and your customers are guaranteed to be bombarded with ads to compensate for your free subscription.

Let's face it — most free services aren’t there when you need them. What do you do if you have a question? What if you experience a problem with the platform? Generally, you should not expect free customer support. We do not recommend using free scheduling services for any legitimate business purpose no matter how attractive that might look at the first glance. Free services always turn more expensive in the long run.

AppointmentQuest offers affordable paid subscription scheduling. We respect you as our customer and never sell you as a product. From securing your data to being there when you need us, we strive to over deliver.

Why is AppointmentQuest the best online appointment scheduler?

We’re industry experts dedicated to going the distance for our customers so that they can do the same for theirs. From groundbreaking features to granular scalability, AppointmentQuest is the best online scheduling software for a wide range of organizations.

What makes our offering the best solution for your needs? Three words: expertise, reliability, and trust. These are the reasons some of our customers have chosen AppointmentQuest software for over 20 years straight. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we’ve baked in the most important features and functionality, while ensuring that you have access to a scalable solution for online appointment booking, payment processing, and customer management.

The AppointmentQuest development team has spent tens of thousands of hours painstakingly analyzing real life scheduling use case scenarios, dissecting similarities and differences between appointment workflows across multifarious service industries. We have modeled and field-tested thousands of scheduling configurations, workloads, and specific application requirements. Built on this real-life scheduling domain expertise, AppointmentQuest is an unparalleled appointments management platform — fast, streamlined, and easy to use.

AppointmentQuest appointment software delivers the capability to customize your booking process to match your specific scheduling needs. With tens of thousands of customers, chances are good we have already seen your unique scheduling configuration and provide a solution. From irregular appointment intervals, to capacity-type scheduling (ability to schedule multiple people for the same time slot in a single or across multiple service locations), custom notifications, automated reminders, schedule-specific intake forms, appointment rescheduling and cancelation deadlines, standing/recurring appointments, group limits, double-booking and overbooking controls — we give you the ability to solve your challenges with just a single mouse click.

At AppointmentQuest, we control the entire technology stack behind the appointment scheduling service, starting with servers and network routers, and all the way up to the application software. Exercising total control over all software and hardware components of the appointment scheduling system allows AppointmentQuest to offer exceptional uptime and reliability with a side benefit of high speed and low latency.

Last but not least is trust. AppointmentQuest has been providing calendar management and scheduling services since 2001. We have served tens of thousands of customers and earned their trust with reliable, secure scheduling apps. We are ready to serve you for years to come.

What makes AppointmentQuest the most secure online scheduling service provider?

Data security is crucial. How do you know that your data and your customers’ information is protected? AppointmentQuest locks it down.

AppointmentQuest's software is backed by a dedicated datacenter in Reston, Virginia. All of your appointment and customer data is securely stored on AppointmentQuest-controlled servers behind application and network layer firewalls, within a state-of-the-art, controlled access facility.

AppointmentQuest uses the latest data and network encryption protocols, including sensitive data encryption at the database layer, application level encryption, and SSL/TLS web layer encryption. Appointment and customer data is never logged in plain text and is never transmitted unencrypted across networks.

AppointmentQuest employs unique datacenter access protocols that always require the physical presence of at least one executive manager for any operation involving direct access to customer data. In the history of AppointmentQuest operations, there has not been a single security breach or instance of unauthorized data access. We put significant emphasis on data security and customer privacy.

What type of support does AppointmentQuest offer?

There when you need us — 24/7/365.

AppointmentQuest offers the best email-based customer support in the industry. Fast and to the point, our team is always happy to help with any scheduling challenge. Our customers have access to everyone in the company including developers and the executive team. Whether you’ve got a question, a concern, or want to learn more about scaling your scheduling software access, you can get in touch with us at any time.