Account Setup

Before any appointment scheduling can begin, it is necessary to configure the service that will be managing it. Think about it as a new phone answering machine — it cannot greet callers with a personalized message until the machine is properly set up by its owner. Let's set it up!

New Account Setup Wizard

Online Appointment Scheduler is a fairly complex system that offers a great deal of configuration options. To ease the learning curve it comes with the New Account Setup Wizard, an easy to use utility that presents itself by default to novice users.

Configuration steps that are still to be completed are marked in red, while green items on the configuration list outline overall setup progress.

Setup Wizard is intelligent and non-demanding. Advanced users may easily skip it and perform custom account configuration outside of the wizard, which nevertheless will be tracking configuration process in the background.

New Account Setup Wizard quietly dismisses itself as soon as basic account configuration is complete.