Online Appointment Scheduler Walkthrough

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Account Setup

Before any appointment scheduling can begin, it is necessary to configure the service that will be managing it. Think about it as a new phone answering machine — it cannot greet callers with a personalized message until the machine is properly set up by its owner. Let's set it up!
Account Setup Tour shows how to:
  • Use new account setup wizard
  • Edit business hours and add holidays
  • Publish appointment scheduling policies
  • Create and configure schedules
  • Setup personnel and authorized users

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Appointment Scheduling

Ok, now account setup is complete, service schedules are published, company website is integrated with AppointmentQuest online appointment scheduling and ready to accept appointments. One of the pages on the website features a 'Make appointment' link which your customers are happy to click at. What happens next?
Appointment Scheduling Tour shows how to:
  • Make an appointment as a customer
  • Navigate upcoming appointments
  • Check appointment status
  • Request appointment cancellation
  • Review appointments made in the past

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Appointment Management

Here comes the moment of truth — your customers have discovered online appointment scheduling and made a bunch of appointments. Now the excitement of novelty is over and day-to-day operations begin. Appointments need to be captured, reviewed and confirmed. Or maybe denied?
Appointment Management Tour shows how to:
  • View appointment requests
  • Use day-planner and monthly calendar
  • Confirm and deny appointments
  • Inspect and edit customer ratings
  • Make internal appointment reservations

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