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  Test and Exam Scheduling and Online Appointment Scheduling

  Test Registrations and Scheduling    
Every academic institution deals with testing its students on a regular basis. Tests are many, students are plenty – matching them together is a daunting task. Information technology capabilities of most colleges and universities have reached levels sufficient to provide students with vast informational resources, including administrative, class and test schedule publishing on the Internet or campus intranet. With one simple step it can be taken further – web scheduling can help.

AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler lets students self-register for tests using any computer connected to the Internet. Online test schedules and test calendars are quick to setup, convenient to manage, and easy for students to sign up for. With Online Appointment Scheduler test scheduling, each test calendar is published online on its own web page, available dates and times are clearly marked. Test schedules can be complimented with the description of the test, deadlines for signing up and rescheduling, as well as attendance cancellation policies.

Once test schedule is published online, your students may register for tests at a time convenient for them. Your staff is informed about all test registrations instantly via notification e-mails. Online Appointment Scheduler also allows you to print detailed reports for each test - by day, by time, by class, or by type of the test.

With Online Appointment Scheduler you can schedule:
  • Admissions tests
  • Semester and mid-semester tests
  • Optional test retakes
  • Graduation tests and exams
  • GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL tests
  • Certification tests
Each online test registration page can be configured with the maximum number of students allowed for the test, alternative times for the same day or other days, and options to re-schedule or cancel registration for the test. You have complete control over approving test registrations - Online Appointment Scheduler provides necessary tools to confirm test registrations either automatically or manually. Based on the information provided by the student at the time he or she registers for the test, you can also deny test registration for applicants who do not meet pre-test criteria.

To minimize no-shows, Online Appointment Scheduler automatically delivers reminder notifications to your students by e-mail. Students can also access their online test calendars at any time to view all upcoming tests and exams they have registered for.

All student records, past and present, are stored in an easy to browse database. Of course, all test registrations and student records are kept private and password protected on both test administrator and student sides.
To see why Online Appointment Scheduler is the scheduling tool of choice for teachers throughout United States and Canada, and to find out how online registrations can make your test and exam scheduling, open your free trial account today.

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AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler empowers you, your staff and your customers to schedule appointments online. Experience AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler for yourself, and discover how it can help you to:
  • Let customers book appointments with you online
  • Manage your appointments and availability in real-time online
  • Schedule one-time or recurring events such as classes and seminars
  • Always stay in sync with your schedules by receiving appointment notifications
  • Reach your customers and prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Much more!

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