Scheduling, Education, and Privacy

Your data stays private and secure.

No spam, no ads, no offensive marketing. Unlike some big-name application service providers that mine your data for advertising purposes as their primary business, AppointmentQuest respects your privacy and privacy of your students. We never dare to distract you with any sort of online marketing, even our own. Information about your school, classes and students is kept private and secure.

AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler employs all necessary means to keep your student scheduling confidential. Students cannot see appointments, classes and assignments belonging to other students, nor can they see administrative roosters or schedules with student names on them. Students can only schedule for themselves, and can only re-schedule their own classes, seminars, tests or consultations.

Only your authorized administrators, teachers or faculty members can access your class, admission or exam schedules. You can even apply custom permissions to your staff to limit access to your academic schedules if necessary. For additional security, AppointmentQuest allows you to access your online scheduling account via secure SSL connection, effectively eliminating any remote possibility of username or password interception.

AppointmentQuest not only secures your data, it also keeps it protected. Student records, scheduling information, teacher assignments and class summaries are stored in secure databases, operated by redundant servers, and backed up every night.

AppointmentQuest Privacy Policy