Hair salon appointment scheduling

Convenient online appointment scheduling for hair salons.

Appointment scheduling bites off a good chunk of staff time from any hair salon, especially if there is no dedicated receptionist. Someone has to be able to answer the phone, talk to the customer, find available day and time for the appointment, get back to work... just in time to be interrupted by another phone call from the next customer. Customers call, wait on hold, get frustrated, and probably go somewhere else.

At a hair salon, appointment scheduling is a core of the business that cannot be neglected. You need perfect tools to manage appointment scheduling just right — to get more business coming your way, please your customers — all while spending as little time on the phone as possible. AppointmentQuest can help by moving your scheduling to where it can be accessed by both you and your customers all the time, 24 hours a day, all days of the year — online.

Imagine your customers going online, visiting your website, checking out your availability, and scheduling an appointment for the day and time convenient for them with just a couple of clicks. Easy, simple, fast. You receive instant appointment notifications, your schedules are always up to date, there is no overbooking, no scheduling mistakes, much fewer phone calls.

Many hair salons have discovered Online Appointment Scheduler, and used it successfully to schedule haircuts, conditionings, up-do's, color highlights, as well as related services such as facials, manicure, and scalp massages. Based on extensive customer feedback, AppointmentQuest has improved Online Appointment Scheduler over the years to make it the perfect scheduling tool for hair salons to use.

AppointmentQuest online scheduling allows you to:
  • Let your customers conveniently self-schedule their appointments online
  • Access your appointment books from any computer connected to the Internet
  • Schedule any type of haircut, styling, up-do, or related treatment
  • Prevent over-booking, missed appointments and other scheduling issues
  • Easily have multiple copies of your appointment books
  • And most importantly, spend more time with your customers!
To see why AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler is a preferred scheduling tool for many hair salons in U.S. and Canada, as well as to find out how your clients like it, feel free to open your no-obligation trial account today.
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