Press Release

March 24, 2020

AppointmentQuest Responds to COVID-19

AppointmentQuest, a Broomfield, CO based online appointment scheduling software provider, recently announced the steps the company will be taking to continue providing the best appointment management services. Delivering the best online appointment scheduling experience for their customers around the clock is what the company specializes in, AppointmentQuest is working to make sure the company can continue to help even through the current pandemic.

"As COVID-19 affects a growing number of people worldwide, we are prepared for the resulting emergencies and are taking steps to ensure that we'll continue to be there for you to meet your appointment scheduling and calendar management needs," the company says. "We have a strong track record of excellent service and customer care because we know you rely on us to power your mission critical appointment scheduling. Our data center is up and running, our production support and customer service teams are fully staffed and ready to help."

The company will further be taking a series of measures to ensure that AppointmentQuest can continue to deliver the service it has come to be known for. First and foremost, AppointmentQuest has put in place staffing plans to ensure that the company developers, quality assurance personnel, data center technicians and customer service representatives deliver the prompt and uninterrupted service the company's clients require. Customers who may be having trouble paying AppointmentQuest service fees due to the on-going economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic can contact AppointmentQuest customer service to arrange an extension to their payment due dates. New AppointmentQuest users who would like to receive an extension to the free trial period can also get in touch with AppointmentQuest to explore available options.

AppointmentQuest has been at the forefront of the appointment scheduling industry since 2001, and this is not the first economic, healthcare or political crisis the company has had to push through. As AppointmentQuest CEO Alex Zasimova says, "This crisis demonstrates that online appointment management capabilities are more critical than ever — and so is the high level of support you've come to expect from AppointmentQuest."

The appointment scheduling service will be available to all AppointmentQuest users during this difficult period. AppointmentQuest hopes that the company services and customer support will help make the COVID-19 crisis a little bit more bearable.

"We're veterans of the appointment booking industry with almost 20 years of experience," says AppointmentQuest. "We know everything there is to know about online booking, calendar management and scheduling tools. We took that knowledge and experience and baked it into our online scheduling software. The result is one of the most feature-rich solutions to appointment setting, customer management, payment processing and business growth on the planet. Our goal is simple: to help you do more with less stress. From the level of customization to the ease of use and the in-depth integration with apps and tools you already know and love, AppointmentQuest brings it all together in a single, cohesive package that ensures you're able to do more with less wasted time."

Many of the company's clients have left great reviews of AppointmentQuest on a number of platforms. One client says, "I would like to express my appreciation of AppointmentQuest. I came to this job mid-year, so all the set up and account information was already done. So, when I needed to set up the new year with new information, I needed help. All I had to do was email my questions and, within an hour, I had step by step directions on what I needed to do. It made it so easy. The other thing I would like to thank AppointmentQuest for is the fact that the site rarely goes down. When the site needs to be worked on, they do it at a time that does not interfere with my hours of usage. Thank you for your very reliable services. I appreciate knowing you are there when I need you."

Another client shares that, "As a productivity specialist, it's important to model solutions for my clients. Trading repeated emails to find a mutually agreeable time to get together wasted valuable time for both of us, especially when we were in different time zones. Now, at any time that is convenient for them, clients can rapidly and easily schedule time for us to get together."

Those looking for more information may visit the company's official website at the following link: Clients may also reach out to AppointmentQuest Customer Service in order to follow up on any further inquiries.
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