News Update

April 4, 2020

AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler Can Help You During COVID-19 Pandemic

The spread of the COVID-19 virus is impacting our everyday life in almost every way imaginable, which includes changes in healthcare, fitness, education, beauty, finance, and other industries.

Even if your business or practice is still open, chances are the clients prefer to play it safe and skip all non-essential appointments. This is a time for owners to be understanding of the impact their facility has on the community and to find a way to help their clients, patients, members hold on to as much normalcy as possible.

And this is where we can help since AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler makes it easy for your clients to:
  • Re-schedule their appointments to a date up to 36 months in advance (depending on your membership level)
  • Pay for their appointments securely online without physically using cash or a credit card device
  • Be notified about the changes to their appointments via customized email and SMS notifications, confirmations, and reminders
  • Opt for an online or phone appointment if you can offer these instead of an in-person one
  • Use special coupons (called "direct offers" in our app) that may be available specifically during these times
Our team has also come up with some helpful ideas on how to weather the storm:
  1. Encourage pre-booking

    If your business needs to close due to coronavirus, take the opportunity to encourage your loyal customers to pre-book their next appointment for when you plan to be open again.
  2. Take a look at your schedules and availability

    If your business remains open, you may need to reconsider your Schedule's capacity setting (how many customers can have an appointment at the same time), and possibly want to add more time in between appointments to allow for in-depth cleaning and disinfecting.
  3. Adjust your cancellation policy

    If your business uses cancellation fee to reduce no-shows, it may encourage clients who aren't feeling well to still make it to their service to avoid being charged. Think about letting your clients know that they can cancel without penalty if they're not feeling well.
  4. Transition your services to online or phone if possible

    We realize not every business is fortunate enough to be able to do that, however it is worth trying. We have seen health practices, counselors, teachers, yoga instructors, financial advisers, real estate specialists successfully scheduling online or phone appointments using Online Appointment Scheduler by AppointmentQuest.  Whether you prefer Zoom, Google Meet, or other video conferencing services, you can still accept the payments through AppointmentQuest credit card processing service. And with fully customizable appointment confirmations and reminders, you can include all the conference information for your client in these emails safely and securely.
  5. Make adjustments to your calendar

    Take a look at your schedules and make sure to block the times your business/practice cannot accept appointments on all of them that this applies. If you can offer some of your services via phone or online, you can simply copy the appropriate schedule you currently use, update the name and descriptions (other options too if needed), and make it active. That's it! Done!
  6. Stay connected

    Stay in touch with your clients, especially during these trying times. Keep posting on social media, and let them schedule a consultation with you using AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler if they have any questions, need an advice, or just want to connect.
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