Press Release

December 15, 2020

AppointmentQuest Introduces Flexible Capacity Option for Capacity-type Schedules

On December 15, 2020 AppointmentQuest has introduced a flexible capacity option support for capacity-type schedules. This new feature allows AppointmentQuest customers to effectively manage variations in appointment slot availability throughout the week or even hour-by-hour.

All customers using AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler can now configure their capacity-type schedules to allow for different limits on the maximum number of appointments as defined per appointment slot, versus the uniform capacity on the entire schedule as it was allowed prior to the most recent software feature release. For example, the scheduling scenario when a particular schedule should allow for up to 3 appointments per appointment slot on weekdays but has to limit appointment availability to 2 appointments per slot maximum on weekends is now fully supported on a single appointment schedule. Even capacity variations throughout the day are now supported allowing for specific availability limitations at the end of the day, around lunch times, or to allow for other scheduling constraints.

The flexible capacity option is intended to simplify scheduling configuration in specific cases when appointment availability varies per day or per hour. Per day variations are the most common, previously requiring creation of multiple schedules with fixed capacity and then using schedule's "Shared Availability" option to link schedules together in order to prevent overbooking. All these complications are now unnecessary. All capacity variations can now be managed on a single schedule — the very specific feature many AppointmentQuest customers have asked about in the past. Effective immediately, AppointmentQuest product development team is delighted to make the flexible capacity schedule configuration option available to all AppointmentQuest customers at no extra charge. All current and grandfathered AppointmentQuest membership levels and editions fully support flexible capacity option for capacity-type schedules as of December 15, 2020.

AppointmentQuest pioneered the online appointment scheduling software in the early 2000s with the AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Manager and reinvented the online appointment scheduling service in 2019. Today, AppointmentQuest continues to lead the appointment scheduling industry in innovation, reliability, and highly acclaimed customer service.

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