Press Release

September 22, 2001

AppointmentQuest Online Scheduling Application Goes Live!

New AppointmentQuest application enhances interaction between service-oriented Businesses and their Customers. This system brings its Subscribers and their Clients new Web-based user-friendly tool that will make appointment reservations being completed easily in seconds.
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Everyone would be happy never having to hear, "Please hold for the next available operator", or "Please call us within normal business hours", while trying to schedule a simple appointment. Now you can!

AppointmentQuest IBS unveiled today its real-time, online appointment scheduler offering everyone with an Internet access a simple and secure solution to make and accept appointments online 24x7. For a small monthly fee depending on a Membership level every service provider will have an opportunity to publish online schedules along with special promotions and even a mini Web profile. AppointmentQuest also gives Businesses the possibility of a complete online scheduler embedding into their already existing websites in which case no AppointmentQuest-specific information will be shown to their customers. And finally, there is no pricey software to install!

AppointmentQuest's service that along with advanced Internet technology features affordable fees and flexible Membership system, can be embraced by a large and diverse group of business owners in different industries including doctors; dentists, medical laboratories and clinics; ski resorts; equipment rentals; salons; sport clubs; golf centers; beauty spas, auto service stations, and many others.

Once a business subscribes to the AppoinrmentQuest online scheduling system, their customers will be able to view available appointment times and schedule their own appointments through the Internet at a time convenient for them. Customers even get an automatic e-mail notification, confirmation of scheduled appointment by a service provider, and reminder as their appointment approaches.

For more information contact:
AppointmentQuest IBS
P.O. Box 667
Broomfield, CO 80038-0667