Press Release

September 8, 2003

AppointmentQuest enters third year with strong commitment to online scheduling services and growing customer base

AppointmentQuest Online Scheduling Software is a suite of web-based applications that facilitates appointment management over the Web. It helps doctors, teachers, coaches, tax advisors and other professionals to take the hassle out of appointment scheduling by providing them with easy to use, fast and reliable online scheduling tools. AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler is all-in-one web scheduler, contacts manager, online calendar and event registrations software.

"AppointmentQuest has allowed me to migrate from a local schedule to one that I can access from anywhere and also allows me to manage multiple schedules and service locations remotely. Patients are able to schedule their own appointments, this has been good for patients as its sometimes more convenient to make an appointment outside of our normal office hours and it has been good for my practice as our electronic newsletters almost always generate immediate self-booked appointments. With our updated practice website and AppointmentQuest as our scheduling application we have been able to reach out to our patients in ways never available to us before." - says John Warren, O.D., of Racine, WI.

Many educational institutions in U.S and Canada, including Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, Greater Vancouver Distance Education School, Temple University, NY University, and Jefferson County, CO Public Schools are using AppointmentQuest web scheduling. "AppointmentQuest service has been excellent. I have used it at both the Wharton School of Business and now at Temple University, The Fox School of Business and found it to be a great service to the students, an excellent way to manage the office appointments and a great way to measure flow of appointments, concerns, and student information." - says Valerie Sutton, Director of Graduate Career Management at The Fox School of Business, Temple University, PA.

Founded in 2000, AppointmentQuest marks its third year with numerous new service features and product enhancements. Always in communication with customers and carefully listening to their suggestions, AppointmentQuest has recently added resource and personnel availability browsing, flexible service durations, customer contacts import and export functions, improved custom form builder and report generation. Overall, for the last few months AppointmentQuest has implemented over 200 enhancements in Online Appointment Scheduler and Online Appointment Scheduler applications. More service improvements are planned before the year-end.

Unveiled in July 2002, AppointmentQuest Private Label partner program has been successful in targeting vertical industries and professional niche markets. Partnering with market-leading Web hosting providers, such as Interland, Inc., allowed AppointmentQuest to expand its web scheduling service offerings to largely untapped market of small-business website owners. This year alone, AppointmentQuest has established over 60 partnerships with resellers and private-label enterprise vendors.

According to AppointmentQuest customer service representatives, "AppointmentQuest is the only company in the web scheduling services market that offers interactive demos, online tours and free 30-day no-risk trial. Our services are affordable - yet we see customers switching to AppointmentQuest for reasons other than price".

For more information about AppointmentQuest Online Scheduling Software, web scheduling and partner programs, please visit or contact:
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