Press Release

September 1, 2001

AppointmentQuest announces its new cost and time-effective solution for businesses and consumers to successfully make and accept appointment reservations 24 hours a day 7 days a week

This real-time online scheduling service capable of serving multiple industries will soon be out and running, offering a one-stop application that will simplify the lives of businesses and consumers alike. AppointmentQuest connects service businesses with their customers providing subscribers with more efficient and customer-friendly way of selling their time.

The development of this service is in direct response to a rapidly growing trend in online scheduling. The ability to accept appointments online will give our subscribers a competitive edge they need. Various businesses such as doctors, optometrists, medical clinics, dentists, auto services, auto dealerships, hair salons, fitness centers and many others, will be able to sign up for the scheduling service right from the AppointmentQuest site in less than ten minutes. Once the business begins using the service, consumers will be able to access and schedule their own appointments 365 days a year without the fear to be put on hold again.

AppointmentQuest operates as an application service provider (ASP) and offers a complete outsourced scheduling solution for subscribers who pay small monthly fee. AppointmentQuest has developed a flexible Membership scheme that suits perfectly businesses of different sizes and orientations and allows every subscriber from an individual entrepreneur to a large enterprise to satisfy their specific appointment-scheduling needs. There is no software to install neither for subscribers nor for their customers because the system runs on the Web. All schedule data is maintained in a central database that is updated instantly whenever an appointment is booked, so there are never any conflicts.

AppointmentQuest also gives businesses a unique opportunity to build an online relationship with their customers attracting new clients and keeping the loyal ones happy by offering special promotions and discounts that target each customer's specific needs.
AppointmentQuest cares about security of online appointment reservation and allows businesses to evaluate potential customer before actually confirming scheduled appointment with the help of a built-in customer rating system.

AppointmentQuest IBS was founded in October 2000 and is headquartered in Denver metro area, city of Broomfiled Colorado. It is surrounded by magnificent mountain landscape and multiple high-tech companies attracted by unique business-friendly environment.

AppointmentQuest is a trademark of AppointmentQuest, IBS. All other products and brands are trademarks of their respective companies

For more information contact:
AppointmentQuest IBS
P.O. Box 667
Broomfield, CO 80038-0667