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June 5, 2003

AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Scheduler receives new features, usability improvements and performance enhancements

Striving to maintain non-stop innovation course with Online Appointment Scheduler, AppointmentQuest is proud to announce June 2003 update that brings important new features, better ease of use and performance enhancements to AppointmentQuest online scheduling services. During the first half of the year we have collected enormous amount of feedback from our customers, including suggestions on how to make Online Appointment Scheduler easier to use for everyday tasks everywhere from personal trainers to law offices, from high schools to small hospitals. Many of the features suggested by our customers are now available in Online Appointment Scheduler. And, of course, so are many improvements engineered by AppointmentQuest usability research team. Online Appointment Scheduler just got better, faster, smarter.

Three most important new features included in the June 2003 update are new resource availability inspector pages, revised page flow for making internal appointments and flexible service durations for schedules.
  • Schedules, personnel and service locations can now be viewed as day by day time utilization graphs. Available time, appointments, restrictions, vacations and holidays are clearly marked on an easy to read table, that reveals its content descriptions on mouse-overs. Even more, availability inspector tables can be clicked on to effortlessly schedule an appointment for selected date and time!

  • Page flow for the Make Appointment Wizard screens has been revised to leave customer selection to the very end of the three-step process. This approach allows easy check for available appointment dates and times by lifting former requirement to select a customer prior to starting appointment making process. Customer selection section has been improved as well, "Browse" mode has been introduced in addition to "New Customer" and "Search" functions. "Browse" mode presents customer directory sorted and indexed alphabetically for easy access.

  • Flexible service duration feature enables schedules to work better for services that can take different amount of time, based on the customer preference. By allowing alternative durations same schedule can now represent, for example, both 30 minute and two-hour classes, or 15-30-40-60 minute massage therapy sessions. No more need to create multiple schedules for different lengths of appointments, no need to manage shared schedule availability just because some appointments take longer than the others!
Among new features, Online Appointment Scheduler gets significant speed boost on appointment navigation and calendar pages, as well as over 20 small enhancements. Key highlights of OAM June 2003 update are:
  • Schedule, personnel and service location availability inspector pages
  • Updated Calendar Workarea, with month and year quick access controls
  • Updated Make Appointment Wizard, with new customer selection features
  • Updated date selection controls on appointment re-scheduling pages
  • Flexible service duration support for schedules
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