What Does Appointment Scheduling Software Do?

What Does Appointment Scheduling Software Do?

More and more appointment-based businesses are finding out the benefits of using appointment scheduling software. Whether you have an established practice with a full staff or you are trying to get started and need some help managing your clients and appointments using appointment scheduling software is the best way to attract more clients and ensure that you and your staff don't spend a huge amount of time scheduling appointments. Embracing modern technology to make it even easier for clients to book appointments is the smart way to grow your business.

Appointment scheduling software can streamline the way that your office runs and make bookings easier for you and your clients. These days most people are very comfortable scheduling appointments online on their computers or phones and prefer scheduling appointments this way. Automatic scheduling systems also make it easy to update your schedule in real time, send reminders and follow ups, and build a database of your client's information for mailings and other marketing campaigns. Check out these benefits of using appointment scheduling software and you'll see why automatic scheduling software is the best choice for your business:

Streamlined Office Administration

When you give clients the option to schedule their appointments automatically it will dramatically cut down on the amount of scheduling calls that your office staff needs to take. That means fewer interruptions to distract your staff from other tasks. It also means that your front office staff can focus on providing the best possible service to the clients that are in the office. Your office staff will be able to get more done in a shorter amount of time when they don't have to field as many scheduling calls.

More Appointments

It's no secret that people today prefer to do as many tasks as possible on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. In fact, according to one study* that was done more than 50% of people said that they are frustrated by having to call to schedule an appointment. The same study found that 31% of the people sampled would choose a new service provider based on whether or not they provided an automatic appointment booking option. It's common for people to want to make appointments when they're done with work for the day. With scheduling software, they can easily book appointments whenever it's convenient for them. That will increase the amount of bookings that you get.

Fewer No-Shows

When people don't show up to their appointments that can cost service providers a lot of money. But according to study results* 60% of people sampled said that they would be more likely to go to an appointment if they got a text reminder instead of an email or phone call reminder about the appointment. Automatic scheduling software will send out reminder texts as well as follow up texts to provide clients with the chance to offer valuable feedback about your service.

Targeted Marketing That Works

One of things that automatic scheduling software can do is make it possible to launch marketing campaigns that will get results with the click of a button. By collecting data from your customers, you can build a strong client list of people that you know are interested in your service. You can use that information to send out targeting marked campaigns like special reward codes, discounts, blasts about new services, and other campaigns that will get results because they are targeted to your existing clients.

Create a Seamless Experience

Automatic scheduling software can make the entire appointment seamless for clients, which is the best way to get new clients and retain existing clients. Some appointment scheduling software has the ability to integrate all phases of the appointment to create a seamless experience. Clients can book an appointment, prepay with their existing credit card or through a social media profile, and after their appointment they can leave feedback which will help you promote your business. Giving clients the option to book a bundle of appointments at once and pay for them all together can boost your revenue and keep clients coming back.

Handle Cancellations or Changes

Sometimes clients will need to reschedule or cancel their appointments. Scheduling software makes it easy and convenient for a client to change their appointment or cancel it if necessary, without them having to call into the office. The software can also send emails reminding them to reschedule once they have cancelled. This saves your clients and your office staff time and hassle which will ultimately save you money.

With all these benefits it's easy to see that using appointment scheduling software is the best way for appointment-based businesses and for service providers to build their brand awareness, build loyalty with customers, and get more appointments booked. Appointment scheduling software is what your business needs to provide better service to your clients.

*) RESEARCH: Online booking options can get you more clients (by Suzie Blaszkiewicz | Mar 13, 2018 | Independent SaaS and SMB industry research)