Have Happier Customers Using Online Appointment Capabilities

Have Happier Customers Using Online Appointment Capabilities

An online software application helps you organize your time much better and leaves you with happier customers indeed.

It is a flexible system for confirming online appointments: by the customer, through an email and/or SMS, and by your staff, through the online application or automatically. Email and/or SMS notifications are received each time an appointment is created, modified or canceled by the client, administrators and staff using the scheduler.

To reduce the chances of non-presentation, the management of online appointment software can send configurable e-mails and/or SMS messages at 48 to 24 hours prior to scheduled appointments, reminding customers of their upcoming appointments.

Customers will no longer stand in line and there will be no double booking or overlapping appointments, not even during peak periods, which will increase customer satisfaction. They also have the opportunity to leave a review for each appointment, assessing the quality of services and staff.

Last but not least, through an online scheduling application, customers can pay online or view other payment options. The availability of an online scheduler is 24 hours a day.