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    800 N. State College SGMH4210
Fullerton, CA 92834
USA  (657) 278-3173
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   1. Prospective Student Advising   

Meet with a Graduate Admissions Counselor for general program information and application questions. Students can also ask about GPA minimums and prerequisite requirements. The scheduled meeting can be in person, online via Zoom, or over the phone.
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   2. New Admit Consultation/1st semester   

Academic Advising: for Spring 2019 and Fall 2019 for "Newly Admitted Masters Students" in first semester. Appointments, with may not be scheduled more then 7 business days in advance. Location: SGMH4210
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   3. Academic Advising Current Students   

All students after they have completed at least one semester of their masters program, all FEMBA, and all students on academic probation. Location: SGMH4210 for students
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   9a. Tutoring by Betsy - Tutor 1   

Writing, etc. tutor for Mihaylo Graduate students enrolled in BUAD 501 *OR* other graduate courses. Please check tutor's calendar for open times. Betsy's Tutoring hours are: Tu 4-7pm and Th 4pm-7pm and Wed 9am-2pm | Location: SGMH:2404 Tutoring Center
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