In-Person Dryer Diagnostic and Repair
We will diagnose and repair your residential electric dryer in-person. Our Service Call Fee is $99+tax and applies to the total repair cost, and any necessary labor and part fees are additional.
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Virtual Dryer Diagnostic Service
We will help you diagnose your dryer's issue(s) and perform repairs not requiring parts or simple part installations via a video call appointment. This service is $49+tax.
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Virtual Dryer Part Installation Service
We will help you install a part(s) in your dryer via a video call appointment. This service is $49+tax.
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Appointment Arrival (In-Person Services)
When you book an appointment online for an in-person service, the exact time that is listed on our online booking page represents the start time of the 3 hour appointment arrival window. Your technician will arrive within that 3 hour window:

---If you select a 10am appointment time, we will arrive between 10am-1pm
---If you select a 12pm appointment time, we will arrive between 12pm-3pm
---If you select a 2pm appointment time, we will arrive between 2pm-5pm

Note that the actual length of time that the technician is in your home may extend past the 3 hour window, depending on when the technician arrives and how long the service call takes.
Appointment Length (Virtual Services)
For both our Virtual Dryer Diagnostic Service and our Virtual Dryer Part Installation Service, our appointment calls typically take less than 60 minutes for each service. You are allotted up to 75 minutes for your appointment video call, and in the event that the appointment will take longer, you will need to book an additional appointment if you wish to continue receiving assistance from one of our technicians.
Non-Serviceable Dryer Types
We do not service the following types of dryers: Laundry centers, Samsung FlexDry dryers, combination (all-in-one) washer/dryers, condensing or heat pump (ventless) dryers, gas dryers, commercial dryers.
Warranty Policy
If your dryer is currently under a warranty (manufacturer, extended, appliance repair shop, etc), we recommend that you contact the entity currently warranting your dryer to service your dryer. However, if you wish to use our services, please note that we are not responsible for your current warranty being voided due to using our services.

Due to the nature of virtual repairs and us not providing parts or in-person help, there is no part or labor warranty applicable to our virtual services.