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Communicable Disease Prevention
September 22, 2023 - Communicable Disease Prevention Plan is in place

Please be aware that even with Covid-19 restrictions and mandates being currently lifted, the possibility of exposure to and illness from infectious diseases (including but not limited to MRSA, Influenza and Covid-19) still exists. On April 8, 2022 the BC PHO advised businesses that they can transition to the WorkSafeBC Communicable Disease Prevention Protocols and Policies.

However, please be aware that we have moved into 'Cold and Flu' season and additional restrictions or mandates may be put in place again, at any time.

Our current protocols at AcuDynamics Wellness include:


1. Inform AcuDynamics Wellness staff if you are experiencing any symptoms of a communicable disease upon arrival or at anytime during their treatment. (eg: sore throat, runny nose, fever, chills, or have any recent onset of cough, diarrhea, skin rashes, or unusual symptoms)
Anyone who is sick or experiencing symptoms, will be assessed before determining if they will be permitted into the office, or to continue with treatment that is already in session that day

2. FACE MASKS for clients are RECOMMENDED. Both the Provincial Health Officer of BC and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend masks be worn in public indoor spaces and in clinical settings. (NOTE: If you are feeling unwell please wear a fabric mask or medical mask. If you do not arrive with a FACE MASK, a disposable mask will be provided for you to wear)

3. Continue to arrive ON-TIME (avoid arriving early) and ALONE, for your appointment, so there is no waiting time in the reception area and we can continue to maintain a 2 person occupancy capacity in the office

4. Continue to use hand sanitizer upon entering and before leaving the office. (Hand Sanitizer will be provided at the entrance and in the treatment area of the office)

5. Continue to consent to health and safety risk assessments and health checks - which may include:
a) Completing a pre-booking questionnaire when scheduling an appointment
b) Completing a Daily Health Declaration upon arrival as well as receiving a temperature

6. Continue to place personal belonging in the bins provided

7. Continue to maintain the 2 meter (six feet) personal distancing before and after treatment

8. Continue to cough or sneeze into your elbow and practice good hygiene (by washing or sanitizing your hands regularly)

9. Be aware that possible exposure to illness from infectious disease STILL EXISTS and that by coming to the clinic, you acknowledge and assume the risk of possible infection of a communicable disease

AcuDynamics Wellness RESPONSIBILITIES:

1. Continue to do our best to assess and address risks that come with resuming operations

2. Continue to minimize the risk of both airborne and surface transmission in accordance with the the Provincial Health Officer of BC, WorkSafe BC and our Industry and Professional Associations (CTCMA and ATCMA) and the WHO. On April 8, 2022 the transition was made to the Communicable Disease Prevention Protocols and Policies measures. These measures include:

a) Continuing to adhere to the Clean Needle Technique, for the practice of Acupuncture

b) Continuing to limit the occupancy of the office to TWO people and prohibiting any visitors
that would exceed that limit

c) Continuing to operate at a reduction in the number of daily appointments to allow
for thorough cleaning and disinfection between clients

d) Maintaining the current signage on personal distancing, hand washing, hand sanitizing, mask
recommendation and covering of coughs and sneezes

e) Maintaining the current clear pvc furniture covers, so cleaning and disinfection can be done
more effectively

f) Continuing with removal of shared items. (magazines, hand held mirror, washroom key)

g) Continuing to provide hand sanitizer for both clients and staff

h) Continuing to clean, disinfect and launder all treatment equipment and surfaces, after each use

i) Continue with the rigorous cleaning schedule for common areas and high-touch surfaces

j) Continue with keeping a thorough list of client appointments, should contact tracing be

k) Practitioners will continue to be REQUIRED to wear a uniform or lab coat and wear a face
mask when treating clients

l) Practitioners will continue to have good hygiene practices, perform frequent hand washing/
hand sanitizing. They will also continue to have a daily health-check and will stay home if sick

PLEASE NOTE: Practitioners at AcuDynamics Wellness have been fully vaccinated since October 2023. Practitioners have and will continue to receive any/all booster doses recommended by the PHO of BC.