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Acupuncture, Tui Na massage, Cupping, Gua Sha. To schedule Qi beauty or Facial Acupuncture appointments, which run longer than one hour in duration, please contact us directly.
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** NEW ** COVID-19 Appointment Policies
COVID-19 is a new era, which brings with it new policies and added measures of safety!

1. If you (or the person planning on accompanying you to your appointment) exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 respiratory infection (Fever, feeling feverish, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, chills and/or shaking), PLEASE do NOT schedule in for an appointment. Please stay home or go to your Doctor for immediate care.

2. To schedule an appointment, you MUST complete a Pre-Booking Covid-19 questionnaire, for each and every appointment.

3. Please take note if you are feeling unwell, the day before or day of your appointment. If you are ill upon your arrival or exhibit any symptoms, you will NOT be permitted into the office for your scheduled appointment.

4. There will be only ONE client permitted in the office at a time. Please do NOT bring others to wait for you in reception while you are at your appointment.

Upon your arrival, you will need to:

5. REQUIRED - Wait OUTSIDE until your designated appointment time. Please text when you arrive (604-454-4772) and your practitioner will unlock the door and let you inside. Waiting in the reception area is not presently allowed if you arrive early for your appointment.

6. REQUIRED - Wear a THREE-LAYERED FACE MASK, for entry into the office and to wear it for the duration of the treatment. If you do not have a Three-Layered face mask, you can purchase a disposable one for two (2) dollars. (NOTE: A 3-layered mask with FOLDS is ideal. The N95 varieties can make it difficult to comfortably lay face down during appointments. NO two-layered masks, plastic masks, or masks with 'valves' are permitted).

7. REQUIRED - Use hand sanitizer upon entering and before leaving the office. (and/or wash your hands with soap and water, if they are visibly dirty).

8. REQUIRED - Have your temperature scanned. (And if needed, a blood oxygen level scan using a Pulse Oximeter. This is another way we can better assess your overall health!)

9. REQUESTED - Bring your own personal ink pen that only you have contact with to fill out forms/questionnaires.

10. REQUIRED - Complete all Acupuncture and Covid-19 Consent to Treat and Intake forms if you have not already done so.

11. REQUIRED - For initial and all follow-up appointments: read, date and sign a 'Daily Client Health Declaration'.

12. REQUESTED - Please maintain the 2 metre (six feet) personal distancing before and after your treatment.

13. REQUIRED - Place your personal belongings in the bin designated for you during your appointment. Bins are disinfected before and after each and every client appt. (This is to remove any possibility of passing on the virus from any clothing or belongings)

14. PLEASE do NOT bring unnecessary items with you to your appointment. It is recommended that only you limit those items to: yourself, your 3-layered mask, (if you have one), your keys and cellphone, a pen, your payment and a jacket/sweater if necessary.

If possible, please avoid wearing superfluous or bulky jewelry, bringing in shopping bags or any items that are not necessary for your appointment.

In addition to the standard 'Clean Needle Technique' protocol that AcuDynamics Wellness has always followed, we are implementing stringent Covid-19 cleaning/disinfection measures, adjusting appointment times, reducing the number of available appointments per day and modifying the office to reduce everyones risk and make everyone safer!

NEW things to be aware of at our office:

15. We can no longer shake hands or share a hug. =(

16. Unnecessary shared items have been removed from the space (magazines, hand-held mirror and washroom key).

17. Clear plastic slip-covers now will cover the furniture (COVID-19 is taking us back to the '60s era' in doing this, but it will make disinfection much easier!)

18. Your Health Care Practitioner will also wear a THREE-LAYERED FACE MASK, lab coat and scrub cap. (And a face shield if necessary)

19. Look for visuals and infographics on:
- Covering your coughs and sneezes
- Hand Washing/Hand Sanitizing
- Physical distancing
- Our COVID-19 Safety Plan
- Mask Required sign
- Occupancy limit sign

20. Even if you have had one or both of your vaccine shots, ALL Covid-19 safety protocols will remain in place at our office until the Ministry of Health of BC says otherwise.