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    Suite 101 395 Wellington Road South
London, Ontario N6C 5Z6
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   * Tax   

Tax Appointment for those picking up personal tax returns, and requiring some time for discussion.
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   40 Minutes Required   

Tax Appointment. Bookkeeping, accounting or other discussions requiring a little more time. A fee will be added to your regular bill for services.
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   90 Minute Time Required   

A longer appointment for those clients that have many issues to discuss. 15 Minute lead in time, and 15 minute lead out time. May take 60 minutes to 90 minutes maximum. A fee will be added to your bill, for services.
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   Document Viewing   

Time spent to review documents processed that were provided by you. Financial Statements and Corporate Returns in particular are discussed.
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   Return Phone Call from our Office   

Please email us your concerns first, and we will reply that way. We will return your call if necessary.
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