When scheduling, if it is the end of the current month and you do not see an available appointment, click on the next month to the right to bring you to the appointments available during that month.

TEXT US: If you have questions about your eligibility, which schedule to use, or after you schedule if you want to be added to our waitlist to get in earlier, text us! We can now text with clients at our main number (614) 247-5853.

- All schedules (except Notary) have phone appointment availability.
- There are more appointments available under the phone appointment schedule, so if you do not mind doing the appointment by phone, you should choose this schedule.
- If you schedule a phone appointment DO NOT come to the office for your appointment. We will not have an attorney available to help you.
- If you prefer an appointment by Zoom, please indicate in the description of your issue that you want a Zoom appointment rather than phone.

- All notary appointments must be conducted in-person.

PERSONNEL: If asked to choose personnel, please choose NO PREFERENCE.


LEASE REVIEWS: A lease review is an appointment to REVIEW a lease for FUTURE off-campus housing. Lease reviews are NOT for your CURRENT off-campus housing. Please do NOT use this schedule if you are trying to terminate your lease, or other issues with your current lease - use Civil Matters schedule. You MUST watch a video at BEFORE your appointment. You MUST email your lease to, 15 minutes BEFORE your appointment or we will cancel it.

CIVIL MATTERS - CURRENT OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING AND OTHER CIVIL MATTERS: Use this schedule for current off-campus housing issues, consumer, domestic, healthcare power of attorney and wills, employment, identity theft, document drafting, contracts, debt or credit, vehicle property damage, repairs, buying, or selling, or other civil matters.

CRIMINAL and TRAFFIC: Use this schedule if you have been charged with, or received a citation for, a criminal misdemeanor or traffic offense (including underage drinking, false identification/Fake ID, disorderly conduct, OVI - operating vehicle impaired, speeding, ACDA, etc.), would like an expungement, want to discuss student conduct charges or how a criminal record may affect a background check, or employment, license, or education application. Please do not use this for traffic accidents when you have NOT received a citation, please use the Civil Matter schedule for those issues.

IMMIGRATION: Use this for immigration and naturalization matters.

VICTIMS ASSISTANCE: If you have experienced violence, including sexual violence, intimate partner or domestic, stalking or harassment, please use the Criminal and Traffic Matter schedule below and schedule an appointment for the afternoon. This will assist us in assigning you to the attorney who handles these matters. If you do not want to schedule online, please feel free to call our office or email us to schedule.

NOTARY: Use the schedule below to make an IN-PERSON notary appointment. The schedule offers appointments two days from the date you are scheduling. If you need an appointment sooner, please email our office ( NOTE – do not sign the document before your appointment. NOTE - we cannot notarize exemptions for the COVID vaccine in our office. If you require a notary for this document, please email us at for a notary referral.

ELIGIBILITY: You must be an Ohio State student to be eligible for services. If you are not an Ohio State student, please do not schedule an appointment, we cannot assist you. Regional campus students are not eligible for services. Before your appointment, SLS will make every effort to verify your eligibility and notify you if we cannot provide services. If you have any questions about your eligibility or the SLS fee, please contact SLS at

CONFIDENTIALITY: Student Legal Services is not a university office or department. Any information provided to SLS will not be disclosed to the university or any other individual or party without your express consent or as expressly required by law. Due to the nature of conducting phone appointments, to ensure you maintain the confidentiality of the conversation, you should find a place to take the call without others around who may hear your side of the conversation. The attorney you speak to on the phone will ensure she or he is calling from a confidential space.


Criminal and Traffic Matter appointments take approximately 20 minutes
Civil Matter and Immigration appointments take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour
Lease reviews are approximately 20 – 30 minutes
Notary appointments take approximately 15 - 30 minutes
Use schedule for current off-campus housing issues, future off-campus issues such as termination and subleasing, wills and power of attorney, vehicles (insurance, repair, sales, purchases), consumer, credit, debt, dissolutions, and other civil matters.
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If charged by police with crime or issued a citation, or you want to expunge record. Auto accident-insurance claims, use CIVIL MATTERS schedule if you were NOT charged by police. If no appointment available before your court date, please CALL our office.
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Use this schedule for immigration and naturalization matters.
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LEASE REVIEW for FUTURE housing. You must watch video at BEFORE appt. Send lease to 15 min before or we will cancel. Do not use for current lease issues or if you are trying to terminate next year lease.
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Choose this schedule if you need a document(s) notarized. NOTE: do not sign document before coming in. NOTE: we cannot notarize exemptions for the COVID vaccine in our office. If you require a notary for this, please email us for a notary referral.
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Fee Confirmation Policy
Please note that in order to receive legal services, you must be eligible for SLS services. Before your appointment, SLS will make every effort to verify your eligibility and notify you if we cannot provide services. If you have any questions about your eligibility or the SLS fee, please contact SLS at or (614) 247-5853.
NO SHOW POLICY: SLS is concerned about ensuring access to attorneys for all eligible students. Once an appointment is confirmed, an SLS attorney will necessarily block out that time and prohibit other matters from being scheduled. A failure to cancel an appointment in advance or a failure to appear will negatively impact the effectiveness of the service for other students and the attorney. Accordingly, SLS has a No-Show policy to discourage these missed opportunities. If a student either:
1. Fails to cancel a scheduled appointment by providing advance notice of at least 10 minutes; or
2. Arrives for a scheduled appointment more than 10 minutes late; or
3. Fails to appear for a scheduled appointment altogether;
then that student will be considered a No-Show for that appointment. Any student accumulating more than 3 No-Show appointments may forfeit further eligibility for services from SLS during that participation year.