Welcome to the Student Legal Services (SLS) scheduling website. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY BEFORE SCHEDULING.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Student Legal Services is not a university department. Information provided to SLS will not be disclosed to the university or other individual or party without your consent or as required by law.

SCHEDULES: We have several appointment schedules to choose from. Read the information below and choose the correct schedule.

CRIMINAL / TRAFFIC SCHEDULE: If you have a court date and do not see an available appointment in the Criminal Traffic schedule before that court date, CALL US at 614.247.5853.

CIVIL MATTERS, INCLUDING LEASE REVIEWS: To have your 2019-2020 lease reviewed, please choose the CIVIL MATTERS schedule. Also choose this schedule for current off-campus housing issues and other civil matters (including contracts, consumer, credit, debit, identity theft, family law / dissolution of marriage, etc.) Please do not use this schedule for wills or power of attorney.

ESTATE PLANNING AND POWER OF ATTORNEY: To schedule for information about drafting a will, living will, healthcare power of attorney, and/or financial power of attorney, please use the WILLS AND HEALTHCARE POWER OF ATTORNEY schedule.

Victim's Assistance: If you are the victim/survivor of sexual, intimate partner, or domestic violence, harassment, or stalking, please call our office to schedule an appointment. Calling to schedule versus scheduling online is preferable because we can usually get you in earlier and you will be scheduled with the appropriate staff member. Please be assured that your appointment will be confidential and that our staff are not mandatory reporters.

For Personnel, choose No Preference to take you to first available appointments.

APPOINTMENT PROCEDURE AND LENGTH: When you arrive for your appointment, you will check-in at the front desk, provide any documents or paperwork you have, and fill out necessary forms.

From check-in to end of appointment, you can expect:
- Criminal and Traffic Matter appointments take approximately 30 minutes
- Civil Matter / Will and Power of Attorney appointments take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour
- Immigration appointments take approximately 45 minutes
- Notary appointments take approximately 15 minutes

Please arrive on time. If you are more than ten (10) minutes late, we will reschedule your appointment.

USERNAME AND PASSWORD: When you finish making an appointment for the first time, you will receive a confirmation number and username and password. You can change the username and password by clicking on the Change Username/Password link. You will need your username and password to view information about your appointment, reschedule, or cancel.

REMINDERS: By scheduling an appointment with SLS, you are agreeing to appointment reminders to the email and phone number you provide.
Civil issues - lease review, off-campus housing, vehicles (insurance claims, repair, sales, purchases), consumer, credit, debt collection, dissolutions, notary, document review and drafting, and other civil matters. Not for wills or power of attorney.
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If charged by police with crime or issued a citation, or you want to expunge record. Auto accident-insurance claims, use CIVIL MATTERS schedule if you were NOT charged by police. If no appointment available before your court date, please CALL our office.
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Use this schedule for immigration and naturalization matters.
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Choose this schedule if you need a document(s) notarized. NOTE: DO NOT SIGN THE DOCUMENT BEFORE YOU COME IN! WE CANNOT NOTARIZE IF IT IS ALREADY SIGNED.
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FOR OFFICE USE ONLY - please only use this schedule if instructed to do so by Student Legal Services Staff
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Please use this schedule for appointments regarding wills, healthcare power of attorney, financial power of attorney, and living wills.
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Fee Confirmation Policy
Please note that in order to receive legal services, you must be eligible for SLS services. Before your appointment, SLS will make every effort to verify your eligibility and notify you if we cannot provide services. If you have any questions about your eligibility or the SLS fee, please contact SLS at studentlegal@osu.edu or (614) 247-5853.

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