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Highlighted days=days screening. Click on times, a pop-up screen will appear. Fill out to schedule. IF NOTHING HAPPENS WHEN CLICK ON TIME = THE APPOINTMENTS ARE FULL. Write down your username and password.
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   DI 0008 Cohort 2- Not Screening   

$8,400. Females must be non-childbearing potential. No tubal ligations allowed. The Investigational drug is being developed as a possible treatment for Psoriasis. 8 hr fast.
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$13,125. No participation in another study 3 MONTHS prior to admit. Females of non-childbearing potential. Documents are required. NO TUBAL LIGATIONS. 8 hr fast.
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   G0018-1406 Females Only   

$21,200. On non-hormonal birth control or on an estrogen/progesterone birth control pill or agree to use a highly effective method of contraception. 8 hr fast.
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   IN 6688-0014 - Not Currently Screening   

$3,625. Clearance= 60 days since last dosed to dose for this study. NO if gallbladder removed. 10 hour fast. NO if had a hypersensitivity to Listerine strips. NO if dosed for IN6688-0002 or past cohorts of IN 6688-0014.
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