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    12625 High Bluff Drive #202
San Diego, CA 92130
USA  (858) 481-2188
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   ADHD Evaluation   

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder assessment...includes history, rating scales, continuous performance test - Written report and follow-up appointment to discuss diagnostic impressions and recommendations for treatment
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   ADHD Follow-up meeting   

ADHD follow-up appointment to discuss testing report, impressions and recommendations for treatment following a previous ADHD Evaluation/testing appointment. 45 minute session.
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   CBIT- Session 1 or 2   

60 minute counseling session for CBIT-Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics. This is for Session 1 or 2. All subsequent sessions can be booked under "Existing Patients"
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   Couple,Family Individual,EMDR (60 Min)   

60 minute appointment recommended for couples sessions, family session EMDR sessions as well as Individual sessions where more time is desired. For longer EMDR sessions please contact Dr. Rappaport directly by email to schedule.
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   Existing Patients-Counseling   

45 minute counseling session
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   New Patients-Counseling   

60 minute Evaluation session
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