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    11917 Oak Knoll Drive, Suite B
Austin, TX 78759
USA  (512) 799-4186
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  1st Acupuncture Session 90 minutes $120  

 Initial Consult/Treatment for New Acupuncture Patient w/Dixie Hornby. Please wear sweats/yoga pants/comfy shorts and a loose cotton t-shirt. 
 Make Appointment for 1st Acupuncture Session 90 minutes $120 

  1st or 60min Manual Therapy  

 1 Hour Manual Therapy Treatment w/Devon Hornby.(Sat. $150/Weekdays $120) 
 Make Appointment for 1st or 60min Manual Therapy 

  30min Manual Therapy (follow up/youth)  

 30 Minute Manual Therapy treatment w/Devon (Sat. $90/Weekdays $70) 
 Make Appointment for 30min Manual Therapy (follow up/youth) 

  Acupuncture 60 minutes $80  

 Acupuncture Treatment w/Dixie Hornby. Please wear flexible, comfortable clothing and arrive a few minutes early to change clothes and use the facilities. 
 Make Appointment for Acupuncture 60 minutes $80 

  Deep Tissue Massage  

 1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage w/Devon Hornby. (Sat. $150/Weekdays $120) 
 Make Appointment for Deep Tissue Massage 

  Seiki Shiatsu  

 1.5-hour shiatsu session w/Devon Hornby. (Sat. $200/Weekdays $170) 
 Make Appointment for Seiki Shiatsu 

  Zen Shiatsu with Dixie (55 minutes) $90  

 Please wear soft, flexible, comfortable pants and tee for the session. 
 Make Appointment for Zen Shiatsu with Dixie (55 minutes) $90 
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