First Visit
This time-slot refers to initial interview, NOT appt. length which varies from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending upon your needs. Please refrain from wearing any chemical fragrances or smoking before your treatment. Payment method: cash or check. Thank you.
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Return Visit
Acupuncture works best when received regularly. Please ask about a treatment plan so I can serve you most effectively. Payment method: cash or check.
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CommuniChi is located in a residential area and according to city ordinances, I need to be sensitive to my neighbors regarding parking. Please park directly in front of the clinic (2109 31st Ave. S. - the house with the prayer flags). Be mindful to take only one space, not two. Please do not park in front of 2105 or 2113 (our immediate neighbors to the north and south). If there is no parking space in front of the clinic, please park at least a half block away. If you need assistance, please call me and I will come up to help you. Thank You!
Privacy Policy
We will never disclose your personal health information to anyone without your consent, unless compelled to do so by the government, and even then, we will Resist! Thank you for supporting our low cost community clinic!

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