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 30 minute in-office appointments for established patients only. Tuesday evenings BY APPOINTMENT between 5:45 PM and 9:30 PM. (On rare occasion the schedule changes to other days.) 
 Make Appointment for Follow-Up 

  New Patients  

 Appointments are Tuesday nights, between 5:45 PM and 9:00PM. On rare occasions doctor may opt to change clinic night. A $100 deposit is required to reserve appointment. 
 Make Appointment for New Patients 

  Phone Consult - Weekend Evenings  

 THIS APPOINTMENT IS 20" AND COSTS $190. For ESTABLISHED patients ONLY. Must be paid in advance by 5PM, Thursday. 
 Make Appointment for Phone Consult - Weekend Evenings 
Business Hours
Sunday04:30 PM - 08:00 PM
Tuesday05:45 PM - 10:00 PM
Saturday08:00 PM - 10:00 PM

To pay the $100 deposit, go to our website at and look to the left. Click on “contact us.” You will be at a webpage that has the PayPal logo. Click on that and follow the instructions for payment. IMPORTANT!!: EMAIL THE RECEIPT TO, THAT IS CONFIRMATION OF YOUR APPOINTMENT. The deadline for PayPal receipts for initial appointments is the Friday before the Tuesday night clinic, at 5:00 P.M., PST. If we don’t receive the deposit by then, the appointment will be forfeited.

Please note we have a cancellation policy of 48 hours. If a patient cancels the appointment less than 48 hours before the appointment, the patient will lose their $100 deposit.**


• Phone and e-mail appointments are for established patients only.
• For more medical information, check out Dr. Friedman's website at
• Dr. Friedman offers his services as an Endocrinology specialist and is happy to diagnose and treat you for your endocrine problems; he does not function as a primary care physician, who you should have for non-Endocrinology issues. He is busy and does not have “free time”. Most of your care with him should be during your current or future appointment time.
Dr. Friedman does not use insurance for the appointment, but gives you a superbill for submission to insurance. Laboratory tests are usually covered by insurance. He is not part of any insurance network; he does not process insurance.
Dr. Friedman charges $500 an hour. If your appointment goes for less time, he charges less. Example: if your appointment is only 30", he will charge you $250. To help patients save money, we tell them to be organized with their thoughts and questions, so as to keep the appointment under an hour, if possible. It is helpful to organize your laboratories on a spreadsheet and bring in to your appointment (but don’t submit in advance), a list of your medications, history and symptoms.
Payment Options
Dr. Friedman DOES NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS at his clinic on Tuesday nights; he does take PayPal, cash or checks.
Deposits Always Due for Appointments
Dr. Friedman asks new patients to pay a refundable $100 deposit for an appointment; established patients to pay a refundable $50 deposit for an appointment. Deposits are refunded if cancellation is before 48 hours of the appointment time. If you pay your deposit and postpone your appointment and then cancel it, deposits will only be refunded in the first 2 months after the deposit.
Deposits are due by 5PM, the Friday before the Tuesday appointment. Deposits are paid through PayPal on

If you do not wish to use PayPal, you may mail a deposit, by check, to Dr. Friedman, but it has to be received by 5PM, the Friday before the Tuesday appointment. Please email for the address.
The deposit will be deducted from your consultation fee the night of your appointment.
If Dr. Friedman does not receive the deposit by the 5PM, Friday, deadline, the appointment will automatically be given to the next patient on the wait list.

How to Use Dr. Friedman’s PayPal on
To pay your deposit, or for other services after your first appointment, you can use Dr. Friedman’s PayPal at Once you are on the main page, look to the left and click on “contact us.” On the top of the web page you see a PayPal logo; click on that and follow PayPal’s instructions (underneath photos of the staff.) IMPORTANT: E-mail the PayPal receipt to, that is confirmation of your appointment.
Appointment Times
Dr. Friedman only sees patients Tuesday night. The first appointment is at 5:45 PM, the last is scheduled at 9:00 PM or 9:30 PM. Most new patients can expect to be seen for an hour, or less if you are organized.

1125 South Beverly Drive, Ste. 730
Between Whitworth and West Pico.
Near Beverly Hills.
Do not confuse Beverly Drive with Beverly Blvd.
Underground parking available until 6:00 PM.
Street parking free after 6:00 PM.
Must ring a buzzer to get in after 6 PM.
Safe neighborhood.

Bring Records With You to Appointment; Do Not Send Ahead of Time
DO bring records to your appointment, please bring all records concerning endocrine testing. Organize them into spreadsheets of endocrine labs, history, medications and symptoms; DON’T send records ahead of time; they might get lost, and there is not enough storage.

Phone and E-Mail Appointments
Phone and e-mail appointments are for established patients only. Phone appointments are NOT for patients who haven't set an in-office visit with Dr. Friedman yet. There are no exceptions. Our apologies to out-of-state and out-of-country patients. FaceTime appointments are available for those who live in California and are at least two hours away from Dr. Friedman’s office.
Following your consultation with Dr. Friedman, you may have a blood draw in the office that night, by Dr. Erik Zuckerbraun. You will not be charged for the time you wait for, and attend, your blood draw. Expect to possibly go late; Cushing’s patients especially - Dr. Friedman likes to blood test Cushing's patients around 11:00 PM. Some patients will be instructed by Dr. Friedman to have morning testing.
You may leave after your appointment for a break, and come back later that night for blood testing.
Please bring your insurance card, as you will be asked to fill out your insurance information on the blood testing requisition (called a req.) If you don't fill out your insurance information, we will email you later and ask you to call the lab and give your information, further delaying your results. You may also be charged by the lab for full price.
Please also bring your pharmacy number.
The weekend after your appointment, Dr. Friedman will send you a formal dictation of your history, condition and plan. A week and a half later, Dr. Friedman will send you an email of your lab and imaging results, with recommendations.
Dr. Friedman is happy to answer one or two short questions (that can be answered on his smartphone) following your appointment. He is a busy doctor and doesn’t have free time, so please schedule a followup appointment if you have additional questions.

Record your appointment
Tape record, bring your digital camera, use your cell phone, or even ask a friend or family member to take notes, but record your appointment. Dr. Friedman will give you loads of information, and you will not want to miss or forget any important, hard-earned, information. Dr. Friedman will ask you to sign a consent to record.

Other doctors
Dr. Friedman is an MD, PhD (CV on,) does research and sees patients during the day at MLK Outpatient Center. He asks that you use him in concert with a local primary doctor who knows and understands your condition and can assist you on day to day issues. He is happy to send your dictation and lab results to you to give to other doctors. He believes that health care has changed and that the patient needs to coordinate (be the quarterback) their own care. The days of asking doctors to release information (that already belongs to you) are long done.

Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse ;)
Dry as it is, we ask that patients read this practice description, and keep it for future reference. This information is also on the website. If a patient schedules his/her appointment on-line, the software will not allow the patient to set the appointment until the patient acknowledges he/she has read the practice description. Lack of knowledge about the appointment deposit, or the non-use of credit cards in the office, will not be accepted. Thank you for understanding, and helping us help you. See you Tuesday night!

You must be an ESTABLISHED patient with a prior office visit in order to schedule a telephone consultation.


Phone appointments are 20" and cost $190. Dr. Friedman only does 20" phone appointments on the weekend and Wednesday evening; **he does not offer phone appointments the night of clinic.**

Dr. Friedman calls patients on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Contact the office for exact times. Phone appointments must be paid by 5:00 PM, the Thursday before the weekend. To pay, go to our website at and look to the left. Click on "contact us." There is a PayPal logo just above the staff pictures. Click on that and follow the instructions for payment. Make sure you note what the payment is for. PayPal will email you a receipt.

**10" PHONE APPOINTMENTS** are set by emailing **20 PHONE APPOINTMENTS** can be set here.

IMPORTANT: You must email that receipt to us. That is your confirmation for the appointment. The deadline for payment for weekend appointments is the Thursday before at 5:00 PM, PST and for Wednesday appointments is the Tuesday before at 5:00 PM, PST.

EMAIL APPOINTMENTS are a convenient way to ask Dr. Friedman's questions and review your labs. They cost $140 and can be scheduled any time. Please include your list of medications, new symptoms and problems and labs. Dr. Friedman will send a dictation in about 3 days. Schedule an email appointment by emailing Cost is $150.

For new patients who live in California, but more than 2 hours from Dr. Friedman's clinic can schedule FACETIME appointments and do not need to see Dr. Friedman in person. Please contact our office for more information.

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