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   Comprehensive/annual exam--50 minutes   

Please bring all current meds or a list of them. To check your cholesterol level, please make a morning appointment and fast for 10-12 hours. For women, please don't schedule when you have your period. $75 fee for missed appts w/o 24 hrs notice
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   Follow up chronic conditions--30 minutes   

30 minutes allows for routine folow up conditions like diabetes, hypertension and depression, including reviewing current status, lab work, exam of heart, lungs and feet, and setting goals for the next few months.
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   Multiple or complex problems--40 minutes   

Inital evaluation of a complex problem, or follow up of multiple problems. Use this if I am following your child for ADHD, if you have a list of several problems and concerns or if you have a potentially serious or troublesome new problem.
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   Urgent care--15 minutes   

Brief appointment to deal with only one urgent problem, such as sinus infections, bladder infections, rashes, etc. Additional problems, refills, or follow up of chronic conditiions will require scheduling of a separate visit.
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   Well infant/child/adolescent--40 minutes   

Includes sports physicals. Please bring immunization record and complete school or camp paperwork prior to the appointment. A parent should accompany their child to the appointment unless other arrangements have been made.
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