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Piano Tuning Repair Service Policy
Welcome to the Official Greater Cincinnati Piano Tuning service. Coverage area includes urban center, suburbs, townships, municipalities, neighboring counties, Southwest Ohio, the Queen City in Ohio. Kentucky and Indiana along the interstate near the Ohio River. 5/28/2024 last updated at 9:52 pm.

Bobs Hours effective daylight savings time is available 7 days a week 6:30 am to 7:30 pm by appointment only. 6:30 am, 9 am, 11:30 am, 2:00 pm, 4:30 pm intervals 1 hour 45 minutes reserved per appointment unless multiple piano tuning or repair needed or piano technology installed or action regulation or evaluation appraisal. For appointments within 48 hours please send Bob an email to or or or call / text Bobs mobile at 5133450276 direct. Additional email addresses at the bottom of this policy page.

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This website has a shop to purchase services prepay like a e-gift card or pay for a service or purchase products on the ecommerce Godaddy store for Greater Cincinnati Piano Tuning. A block of time will be set aside for online scheduling at Greater Cincinnati Piano Tuning and / or buy a gift card for special someone.

Bob provides in person services within Southwest Ohio by scheduling online or offline by email, text, in person.

Bob will be adding piano tuning lessons services worldwide using the digital multimedia available. Digital ebook products to be uploaded soon to the official website for Greater Cincinnati Piano Tuning.

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New account for musicians and clients to connect. New group for hiring musicians for client events.

Open to public has 1,541 friends as of 5/28/2024

Accept cash, check, square up email link to pay using major credit card, or make payment online at using Godaddy payment processor major credit card to Bob at Baldwen Pianoco LLC. Invoicing for nonprofits 501(c)(3) is accepted. Payment due upon receipt by email or text or mail or in person. Rate $50 per hour else $50 flat rate within 2 years. Travel $3 per mile. Estimate based on miles calculated by Google maps from 4738 Tillsam Ct, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242-6806 to the piano location address.

Bob is a master concert tuner technician. Bob concert tuned the piano for many musician artist performers: Sample of artist pianos tuned by Bob over two decades at major venues included Paul Simon, Don Henley, Neil Young, Wynton Marsalis with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Piano Guys, Kenny G, Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band, Eagles Band, Willie Nelson, Justin Timberlake, Julie Andrews, Natalie Merchant, Josh Groban, Ben Folds, Radiohead, Michael Buble, Amy Grant, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, James Taylor, Steve Martin, Axl Rose of Guns N Roses, Rev. Billy Graham, Red Hot Chili Peppers, BB King, Petula Clark, and many more performers.

Bob helps local schools, churches, synagogues, special events, recording artists. Bob provided Major Restorations for 12 years. Restringing pianos. Keytop replacements. Action regulations.

Bob was a Certified Master Tuner Technician from the Perkins School of Piano Tuning and Technology, Inc., graduated October 2, 1992. This credential was recognized by Robert Perkins the former director of the Perkins School and former president of the regional chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild as equal to Registered Piano Technician of the Piano Technician Guild (PTG). Bob has applied best practice standards for over 30 years to this day!

Bob was a University of Cincinnati college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Processing Systems, June 1991.

Bob attended a Steinway and Sons NYC factory work shop on 32 steps action regulation in July 2018.

Bob was an experienced Dampp Chaser Piano Life Saver installer 1995 to current.

Bob attended the QRS Music workshop on player technology PNOmation 3 installer in August 2017.

Bob attended PianoDisc to learn the original 1995 PDS 32, 128 and subsequently Prodigy 1 upgrade kit as of 2023. Newest Prodigy 2 upgrade kit is now available 2024.

QRS PNOmation 3 OT installer and technical support installer as of 2023.

All appointments need to be confirmed by Bob. Email from Bob comes from multiple email addresses to minimize delay in email communication or downtime at Google, Godaddy, Aol, Yahoo, Cloudflare remote servers.

Copyright 2024 Robert Rupers Master Tuner Technician. Registered Ohio legal businesses include Greater Cincinnati Piano Tuning, GCPT LLC. Cincinnati Piano Tuning, RJJR LLC, Bobs Piano Service, Robert Rupers of Cincinnati Piano Tuner, Baldwen Pianoco LLC, Mason West Chester Music LLC, Robert Rupers of Cincinnati Piano Tuning.

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