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 GenPsych PC is now offering telepsychiatry and teletherapy! Patients can schedule appointments individually with a psychiatric nurse practitioner or therapist for a live video appointment.

Telepsychiatry is an innovative practice in healthcare that applies telemedicine to the field of psychiatry. It generally refers to the delivery of psychiatric assessment and care including medication management via telecommunications technology such as secure video conferencing.

Teletherapy is mental health/substance abuse treatment delivered online using secure video conferencing. The type of treatment is based on the needs of the client. This can include traditional talk therapy, as well as other interventions such as guided relaxation or mindfulness training, learning/practicing anxiety coping skills and more.

 PLEASE NOTE: Telehealth sessions are only available to residents of New Jersey
ESTABLISHED PATIENTS: please contact the GenPsych location you are a patient of to schedule follow-up appointments


   DNS Teletherapy Samantha Pinkham, LSW 8+   

Out-Patient Therapy NOT ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS AT THIS TIME Ages 8 and older
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   Telepsychiatry JoAnne Piaggio, APN - 18+   

Out-Patient Medication Management Ages 18 and older
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   Telepsychiatry Kingsley Oyem, APN-Age 5+   

Out-Patient Medication Management Ages 5 and older
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   Telepsychiatry Laura Velli, APN Age18-65   

Out-Patient Medication Management Ages 18-65
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   Telepsychiatry Marly Jiby, APN - Age 9+   

Out-Patient Medication Management Ages 9 and older
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   Teletherapy Catherine Macken, LPC - 18+   

Out-Patient Therapy Ages 18 and older
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   Teletherapy Sarah Nitka, LPC - Age 13+   

Out-Patient Therapy Ages 13 and older
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