The Methodist Hospital Wellness Center
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    6445 Main Street OPC 23
Houston, TX 77030
USA  (713) 441-5936
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    Make Appointment for Aker Briarpark 11-13 Health Screening 
    Make Appointment for Aker NSH 11-20 Health Screening 
    Make Appointment for Aker W. Road 11-14 Health Screening 
    Make Appointment for CLICK 8AM BELOW: TAC August 8, 2014 
    Make Appointment for CLICK 8AM BELOW: TAC June 27, 2014 
    Make Appointment for CLICK 8AM BELOW: TAC September 11, 2014 
    Make Appointment for CLICK 8AM BELOW:TAC October 23, 2014 
    Make Appointment for GB Well Composed 
    Make Appointment for HH Well Composed Check Out 
    Make Appointment for Knight Rd Well Composed Check Out 
    Make Appointment for Noon Nutrition Boot Camp April 28th 
    Make Appointment for Nutrition Boot Camp April 28 - June 09 
    Make Appointment for Sept 26th: Click 9 AM Below to Register 
    Make Appointment for Soccer Field Reservation 
    Make Appointment for Well Composed Check Out 
    Make Appointment for Well Powered Living 2.0 
    Make Appointment for Wellness @ Work 

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