UW Small Molecule Screening and Synthesis Facility
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    WIMR 6018 1111 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705
USA  (608) 265-8687
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 The Small Molecule Screening Facility instruments are available for use by all University of Wisconsin investigators. The cost is $60 per hour charged by the amount of time you reserve the instrument for. Cancer Center Members receive a 25% subsidy. If you have any questions about the use or operation of these instruments, please contact Gene Ananiev - 608-265-8687.


  BioTek Synergy Plate Reader  

 Capable of reading fluorescence, luminescence, alphascreen. Located in WIMR 6018 
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  ClarioStar Plate Reader  

 Plater reader capable of reading fluorescence intensity, Absorbance and luminescence. Monochromator based wavelength selection. Top or bottom reads. Located in WIMR 6018 
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  ENSPIRE plate reader  

 Perkin Elmer reader capable of reading alphascreen, alphalisa, and high sensitivity luminescence. Located in WIMR 6018 
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  EVOS FL Imager  

 Located in WIMR 6018 
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  Hydra 96 Well Robot in Fume Hood  

 The Hydra DT is a 96 well head based system capable of delivering volumes of 1-100uL into 96 or 384 well plates. The Hydra DT is maintained in a class 2 biosafety cabinet for both personal protection and sterility of the work. Located in WIMR 6018 
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  LI-COR Odyssey Imager  

 The Odyssey uses direct infrared fluorescence detection for western blots,in-cell westerns, cytoblots, animal imaging and more. Infrared detection gives you quantitative analysis and wide linear dynamic range that chemiluminescence cannot. WIMR 6018 
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  Perkin Elmer Victor 3-V Plate Reader  

 The Victor 3-V can read fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, FRET, fluorescence polarization, luminescence, and absorbance. The instrument is high speed and high sensitivity, and is equipped with microplate stackers. (K6/569) 
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  PheraStar Plate Reader  

 Plater reader capable of reading alphascreen, alphalisa, fluorescence intensity, FP, TRFret, Absorbance and high sensitivity luminescence. Filter-based. Located in WIMR 6018 
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  Seahorse Bioanalyzer  

 Located in the WIMR 1 room 6018B. 
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