Fatigue study 2017
This 8-hour study will identify measurable physiological/ performance changes when visual fatigue occurs. Must be 18-40 years of age, have at least 20/30 VA without correction, good reading comprehension, and a valid SSN if being paid.
Payment Policy
Pacific University complies with both state and federal regulations regarding payment. All participants are asked to fill out one or more documents (e.g, a simplified W-9 form) for tax consideration in order to get compensation payment for participating in the study. A valid social security number is required to receive cash payment for participation. Please bring your Social Security Card or Driver's License at the time of the study. After filling the form and show your social security number, you will receive cash payment for your participation.

Optometry students who participates in the study can opt to receive course credit, instead of payment, if offered by your instructors.

Thank you for supporting VPI's research.!