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 College of Education and Human Development
Undergraduate Academic Advising and Student Success Services
for ALL CEHD majors and minors
2421 Sangren Hall

Student Success Appointments are available throughout the day and are for non-emergency help with personal, career, and academic concerns outside of "regular" academic advising services.
Please choose "A Success Appointment" to schedule an appointment with Melissa Holman or Melissa Heinrich. Please call 269-387-3474 if you need assistance.

**Check the website for the most up to date advising schedule:**

From July to May:
Drop-In Advising is available most mornings.
Appointments are available most afternoons.

*Please be prepared: Bring a draft program/graduation plan, a written list of questions, and your laptop to experience Degree Works.
*Unsure about your required classes? Look at Degree Works in GoWMU and at your program guide(s) and draft graduation plans on our website:
*Transfer Students: Please bring your WMU credit evaluation and an unofficial transcript from all schools attended

If there are no appointments available and you cannot visit during drop-in advising or drop-in advising is not available,
please e-mail with your major, WIN (if you have one), some possible appointment times, and if you would prefer an on-campus or phone appointment.
We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Please e-mail with questions
Please visit for program guides, transfer information, and lots more.

 **If you are coming for drop-in advising, please do NOT schedule an appointment.**


  A Success Meeting(Not Academic Advising)  

 Melissa Holman and Breezie Gibson are available to meet with students about non-emergency personal, career, and academic success concerns. 
 Make Appointment for A Success Meeting(Not Academic Advising) 

  Career and Technical Education  

 For students interested or enrolled in a program leading to teacher certification in Family and Consumer Science Teacher Ed, Industrial Technology Education, Occupational Educational Studies, Secondary Ed in Business. 
 Make Appointment for Career and Technical Education 

  El Ed, ECH, and Special Education  

 For students interested or enrolled in a program leading to teacher certification in Elementary Ed (with or without Early Childhood (ZS)) or Special Ed. Includes Speech Pathology majors with an El Ed minor. 
 Make Appointment for El Ed, ECH, and Special Education 

  FCS Human Development Programs  

 For students interested or enrolled in: Child and Family Development, Dietetics, Family Studies, Fashion Merch and Design, Food Service Operations and Sustainability, Interior Design, Youth and Community Dev, and Workforce Education 
 Make Appointment for FCS Human Development Programs 

  FTIAC Student Success Meeting  

 For freshmen students who were notified that they need to meet with a success coach to have the hold removed from their accounts. During this meeting, you will spend 1/2 hour with a success coach. 
 Make Appointment for FTIAC Student Success Meeting 

  Group Advising for Fall 2018  

 This is not one-on-one, but a group advising setting. During this meeting, students will be given information on how to: 1. Access and utilize Degree Works 2. Read their program major and/or minor guides 3. Choose courses for their fall 2018 semester. 
 Make Appointment for Group Advising for Fall 2018 

  HPHE Human Development Programs  

 For students interested or enrolled in the following majors/minors: Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Recreation Management, Sport Management, Event Management. 
 Make Appointment for HPHE Human Development Programs 

  Phys Ed and Health Ed  

 For students interested or enrolled in a program leading to teacher certification in Physical and Health Education. 
 Make Appointment for Phys Ed and Health Ed 

  Secondary Education  

 For students interested or enrolled in a program leading to teacher certification in Secondary Education with majors in the College of Arts and Sciences or in Art or Music Education if not accepted into the College of Fine Arts. 
 Make Appointment for Secondary Education 
Business Hours
Monday08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Tuesday08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Wednesday08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Thursday08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Friday08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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