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    753 N. 35th Street suite 103, Fridays 1605 12th Ave Suite 30
Seattle, WA 98103
USA  (206) 251-3067
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  40 min Returning patient. (Both offices)  

 All services (Acupuncture, CST/UMAC, TBM, NIS). All ages. Insurance billing available for Acupuncture ONLY. Copay/Coinsurance and all non-covered service fees due at time of visit. 
 Make Appointment for 40 min Returning patient. (Both offices) 


 EMAIL REQUIRED PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT. TBM/UMAC sessions as part of wellness program. Integration of the functional energetic pathways with our bio-computer. Functional mindfulness as a core wellness practice. 40 minutes. 
 Make Appointment for 40 min WELLNESS PROGRAM, TBM/UMAC 

  75 min, WELLNESS PROGRAM (all locations)  

 EMAIL OR TEXT REQUIRED PRIOR TO APPIONTMENT. Acupuncture, and TBM/UMAC session blended for the 1st, 5th, and 9th sessions of the 10 session program. Fees due at time of service. Your appointment will last approximately 75 minutes. 
 Make Appointment for 75 min, WELLNESS PROGRAM (all locations) 

  Active Patient (Friday ONLY room #2)  

 Acupuncture+. Time permitting, CST/UMAC for established patients. Insurance billing for Acupuncture ONLY available. CST/UMAC additional fees required. Appointment will last approximately 40 minutes. (RHC room #2 only) 
 Make Appointment for Active Patient (Friday ONLY room #2) 

  NEW PATIENT APPOINTMENT (both offices)  

 ALL NEW PATIENT ALL SERVICE TYPES. Please email me with your date of birth to be given access to to online intake forms. Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing to your appointment. This appointment will be approx. 75-80 min. 
 Make Appointment for NEW PATIENT APPOINTMENT (both offices) 

  Remote / Distance Therapy for all ages  

 Remote treatments are for situations when coming into either office is not possible. Please email or text me with the ok to remotely treat you and the primary issue you are experiencing. Jongissel@me.com Cash / Card only. No Insurance Billing. 
 Make Appointment for Remote / Distance Therapy for all ages 
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