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    7075 Redwood Blvd. Suite H
Novato, CA 94945
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 We provide affordable and effective acupuncture treatments in a peaceful group healing room. Pay what you can on a sliding scale of $25 - $45 per treatment; plus $10 on the first visit.


  Acupuncture Return Visit  

 Community acupuncture follow-up treatment for return patients. Pay what you can on our sliding scale of $25 - $45. Plan for up to 60 minutes for your visit. 
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  Diagnosis - Pulse Consultation  

 Pulse taking is a diagnostic tool that reveals your state of health, it is used to blend a custom powdered herb formula for you. Pulse $25; 1 week herbs $30, 2 weeks $50. Ten minute pulse session, plus time for herb prep, may require pick up later. 
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  New Patient Visit + Acupuncture  

 Review New Patient forms and receive an acupuncture treatment. Pay what you can on the sliding scale of $35 - $60. The first visit is about 75 minutes. 
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  Private Life Coaching Sessions w/ Ronit  

 Open to what life is offering you, and build your capacity to feel, embrace and LOVE ALL that arises within you. Open to infinite aliveness and renewal. Please inquire about rates. Sessions are 30, 60, or 90 minutes. 
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  Reassessment Visit + Acupuncture  

 Book this if you have been here before, but have new issues or it has been over 6-9 months since we've seen you last. Private 10 minute consult and then an acupuncture treatment. $40 or 2 visits on a Frequent Visit Card 
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  Therapeutic Massage - Elaina Manzanares  

 Elaina offers a personalized blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myo-fascial Release, Shiatsu, and Trigger Point Therapy. Rates are 60 minutes for $90 and 90 minutes for $120. 
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