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Testing Center Guidelines
Please make note of the Testing Center Guidelines:

-- The video cameras in the testing center are real -- all activity in the center is monitored via video surveillance and computer software.

-- Anyone suspected of cheating will be reported to the instructor and judiciaries.

-- You must present a photo id to the proctor to be permitted to test (student id, driver's license, or government issued photo id).

-- All books, bags, purses, notes, electronic devices must be placed in lockers before entering the testing center -- no materials of any kind (except those specified by the instructor) are permitted at testing stations during testing.

-- All materials permitted for open book exams (books, notes, etc) must be approved by the proctor before testing begins -- if you are unsure if your exam is open book please ask the proctor.

-- No cell phones, ipods, electronic devices of any kind (except calculators when permitted for testing) are permitted at testing stations. Cell phones may NOT be used for a calculator. Everything must be placed in a locker prior to starting the exam. Calculators with internet capabilities are NOT permitted in the testing center.

-- Anyone caught with a phone or other electronic device during testing must surrender the device to the proctor until testing is complete and will be reported to the instructor for disciplinary action. If you are caught accessing the cell phone while testing, you will be dismissed from the testing center and reported to the instructor and judiciaries.

-- No restroom breaks allowed -- once you have started testing you are not permitted to leave the testing center until testing is completed.

-- You may not leave the testing center to feed a parking meter once testing has begun. Please take into consideration the time limit of the exam you are completing. If the exam is 2 hours or longer you will need to park somewhere other than a 2 hour parking meter.

-- After testing has started you must complete the exam in that sitting or forfeit the exam -- no re-takes

-- Only calculators approved for ACT testing will be permitted in our testing center.

-- No "Visitors or children" -- anyone accompanying the tester must wait outside the testing center.
Testing Center Location
Please note:

The OHIO Testing Center is located in Bromley Hall 42 West Union Street. You will see OHIO Testing Services on our windows from the the West Union Street sidewalk.

Bromley building is located across the street from Haning Hall, Lasher Hall and diagonal from Buffalo Wild Wings. DO NOT enter Bromley residence area from Congress Street.
Walk-In testing is NOT permitted, only those with appointments will be permitted to test.