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Chicago, IL 60641
USA  (312) 757-4420
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  #1 Furniture Assembly Services  

 We can provide Furniture Assembly/Disassembly at $40 an hour per person with a 2 hour minimum $80.00
Appointment - rescheduling fee $35.00 - cancellation fee $35.00 USD
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  #2 Art / Picture Hanging Services  

 Please provide as much information as possible for proper mounting. $45 an hour per person for this project.
Appointment - rescheduling fee $35.00 - cancellation fee $35.00 USD
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  #3 Handyman Services  

 Our handyman services include drywall repair, tiling, painting, cabinet installation, light fixture, outlet replacing and more. $55 an hour per person with a 2 hour minimum.
Appointment - rescheduling fee $35.00 - cancellation fee $35.00 USD
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  #4 TV Mounting Services  

 TVs starting at $90. Wire Concealing Services both external and internal of the wall optional. We can also set up Bluetooth devices, sound bars, game consoles, Blueray players, tablets and more. 
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  #5 Swing-set Assembly  

 Swing-set Assembly Services normally require 2 people for 4-8 hours for a standard swing-set or 10-14 hour for advanced swing-sets. Rate is $45 an hour per person (swing-set quotes available) 
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  #6 House Cleaning Services  

 $40 an Hour per person with a 3 hour minimum for Maid Services, Move In/out Cleaning and Construction Cleaning
Appointment - rescheduling fee $35.00 - cancellation fee $35.00 USD
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  #7 Carpet Cleaning Services  

 Carpet Cleaning for Home, Condo Association buildings, churches, offices and more. 
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  #8 Pressure Washing Services  

 Pressure washing of concrete, siding, plastic and wood surfaces. 
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Business Hours
Monday09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

 Customer Guarantee Policy 
30 Day Handyman/Furniture Assembly Guarantee: If at any point in time within our 30 day guarantee period something comes lose or was improperly installed, we will come back and fix the issue for free. Please contact us within 30 Days of the assembly date or submit a complaint report online, and we will return to correct the issue. Contacting us via email or completing the complaint form on our website are the best methods to report an issue. Contacting us electronically will allow us to document the matter, investigate, and correct the issue most expediently. Our guarantee is void in the event another person or entity attempts to correct the issue prior to our arrival. Our 30 Day Handyman/Furniture Assembly Guarantee applies only to matters caused by Big Helpers and does not cover manufacturing defects, or if the defect is caused by improper use of the product.

48 Hour Clean Guarantee: Big Helpers offers a 48 Hour Clean Guarantee. No money back. If an area is not cleaned to your satisfaction, simply make us aware of the issue and we will return as soon as our schedule allows to re-clean the area. Please contact us via email and supply us with a description of the matter (and provide pictures, if possible). Contacting us via the Internet is the best way to document the error, so we may correct it the issue ASAP. If you are still unsatisfied call 312-757-4420. The supervisor will contact you personally to resolve any issues.

(We recommend only having one contractor or service at a time in your home or business).

Please visit our website for more details and information.
 Rescheduling Policy 
We reserve the right to charge for appointments canceled, broken and/or rescheduled without 36 hours advance notice.

If the appointment is going to be rescheduled even if we arrive, a 36 hour notice is required or a $35 per person fee will be charged to
your bill.
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