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    Make Appointment for Burten Bell Carr-Central-Cedar Estates 
    Make Appointment for Burten, Bell, Carr (7201 Kinsman Rd.) 
    Make Appointment for CHN (2999 Payne) - SATURDAYS 
    Make Appointment for CHN (2999 Payne) - WEEKDAYS 
    Make Appointment for Collinwood Library (E 152nd) 
    Make Appointment for ESOP (7000 Euclid Ave, Ste. 203) 
    Make Appointment for Famicos Foundation (1325 Ansel Rd.) 
    Make Appointment for Gordon Square (W 65/Detroit) 
    Make Appointment for Guidestone (3500 Carnegie) 
    Make Appointment for Lakewood Public Library 
    Make Appointment for Lin Omni Center-3rd Fl.(3167 FultonAve.) 
    Make Appointment for Neighborhood Housing Services (E 55th) 
    Make Appointment for NHS at Shaker Community Center - SAT 4/4 
    Make Appointment for Notre Dame College - South Euclid 
    Make Appointment for Portage - Reed Memorial Library - MON 
    Make Appointment for Portage-Kent State Schwartz Center 
    Make Appointment for Portage-Kent United Methodist - TU + SAT 
    Make Appointment for Portage-Mantua Park Village Lodge - WED 
    Make Appointment for Portage-Streetsboro Senior Center - THUR 
    Make Appointment for Southgate (Northfield Rd., Maple Hts.) 
    Make Appointment for Wayne - Wooster Community Ctr(AFTERNOON) 
    Make Appointment for Wayne - Wooster Community Ctr(MORNING) 
    Make Appointment for Westshore JFS (9830 Lorain Ave.) 

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